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Adding Items from a Site Catalog

Many commercial items are identified with UPC's (Unique Product Codes).  Any item with a barcode that is scanned in a store is probably using the UPC.  Additionally, books have a special code known as an ISBN, and in Europe, EAN's are used to uniquely identify items.  Amazon has its own unique identifier called an ASIN. Many of these unique identifying numbers are stored as catalog items on eBay or Amazon.  If an item is a catalog item, much of the information about the item can be acquired by referencing the UPC, ISBN, EAN or ASIN.


SixBit can take advantage of these unique identifiers to provide a means of importing catalog items in a very fast, efficient manner.  By specifying the UPC, ISBN, EAN or ASIN and searching for the item using our Item Research tool, SixBit can retrieve the catalog information from the sites and create a new item record in only seconds.


See Using the Item Research Tool for more information.