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Adding an Item from Scratch

New users who are entering an item for the first time, as well as those users who want to start out with a blank slate, can create an item from scratch.

  Duplicating an existing item or creating an item from a template are the most efficient ways to enter an item.



To create an item from scratch:

  1. Open the Sell Items mode.   How?
  2. From the ribbon bar, click the top of the split Add button or click the arrow under the Add button and choose New Item.


  1. If no default Item Template has been chosen, and empty Item Window will appear.  If a default Item Template has been specified, it will be used to create the new item.  See Setting a Default Item Template for more information.
  2. Continue to Entering Item Data to fill in your item information.
  3. When the item data has been entered, click Save and Exit in the Item Window.