The content of this topic only applies to Enterprise Edition users.  Refer to Upgrading Your_Subscription for instructions on upgrading the subscription to enable the Allocating Inventory features.

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Automatically Allocating Inventory

One of the biggest problems facing eCommerce sellers is keeping the proper quantities of inventory listed.  As auctions and fixed price listings end, you may not always be around to immediately submit another one.  Also, although there may be 100 widgets, that does not mean that all of them should be listed at the same time.   A sense of scarcity may be created by keeping only 3 Fixed Price Items listed at one time.  It can become very difficult to constantly adjust inventory quantities as items sell.


When selling on multiple sites, this becomes even more difficult.  Keeping inventory synchronized between multiple sites can be a full time job and if it is not done right, items can easily be oversold. For example, if you only have a single rare baseball card, but you want to list on multiple sites at the same time; when it sells on one site, you need to make sure it is removed from the other site as soon as possible so you don't end up selling something you do not have.


With SixBit's Allocation Plans, uncommitted inventory can be automatically allocated to one or many sites based on the criteria that is chosen.


In this section, you will learn:


All allocation actions performed by the Agent will be recorded in the Allocation Log.


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