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Custom Fields

SixBit is built on the idea that no two sellers work the same way.  Since our inception, we have strived to make SixBit flexible and customizable to meet the needs of each user.   Custom fields are a shining example of that commitment.


Custom fields provide a way to store data that is particular to any business.  Custom fields can be defined for Items, Listings, Orders, Shipments, Sales, Buyers and Suppliers.   Once defined, values can be entered in the custom fields and then displayed in the grids, description wrappers, emails and reports.  In addition, searches can be performed on custom fields and the results saved as filters for easy retrieval in the future.


With custom fields, you can make SixBit look like an application that was designed specifically for you.


Below you will find the Manage Custom Fields window with just a sampling of the types of custom fields you can create.




These are just some examples we came up with, and we're sure you have many more.