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Customizing Payment Acknowledgements

If there will be a delay between the time you receive payment for an order and the time you actually ship it out, you may want to send your buyer a payment acknowledgement to let them know you have received their payment and when to expect shipment.



To customize payment acknowledgements:

  1. Open the Ship Orders mode.       How?
  2. In the Email group in the ribbon bar, click the dialog launcher to open the Manage Email Templates window.


  1. From the Manage Email Templates window, select Payment Acknowledgement.


  1. Check "I would like to be able to send Payment Acknowledgements" if you will be sending payment acknowledgements from SixBit.  If you uncheck this, then the icon will be removed from the ribbon bar and you won't have to see it anymore.
  2. To edit the contents of the Payment Acknowledgement, click the Edit button.  Your email template will be loaded into the HTML Editor.  You can refer to Using the HTML Editor to learn how to modify your email.
  3. Choose whether you want to Send an automatic Payment Acknowledgement whenever a payment is recorded. If checked, anytime you record payment either automatically or manually, the payment acknowledgement will be sent.


If you ship relatively soon after receiving payment, its probably best not to bother your buyers with payment acknowledgements.  It's best used when there will be a delay in shipping due to having to add engraving or customize the item in some way. 


Automatic emails are sent by the SixBit Agent.  The agent is running in the background and checking for actions it needs to perform.   Please note that it can only send emails when your computer is turned on and connected to the internet.