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Defining Compatibility Sets

If you are a seller that who lists vehicle parts, then you will probably be very familiar with parts compatibilities.  Parts Compatibilities are a way to specify all of the different permutations of vehicles a particular part fits.    


When creating an item that has parts compatibilities, you are always free to manually specify all of the various makes/models/etc. a part may fit, however, if you find that you have parts that often fit the same combinations of makes/models/etc. then you may want to create a  compatibility set.


A compatibility set lets you specify different vehicle permutations so you can use them at a later date.  This makes data entry much faster.  In SixBit , this is done from the Manage Compatibility Sets window.  Sellers will define compatibility sets, then assign them to the appropriate items.  For example, the seller might create a compatibility set called "Chevy Trucks" that specifies all of the different Chevy truck makes/models/years/trims/engines and a separate compatibility set that defines the same info for "Ford Trucks"  Then it is simply a matter of assigning the right compatibility set with the corresponding items.


The Manage Compatibility Sets window allows you to: