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Editing a Compatibility Set



To edit a compatibility set:

  1. Open the Manage Compatibility Sets window.  How?   



  1. Select the compatibility set you would like to edit.   Click the Edit button.  The Compatibility Set Editor will open.



  1. If called from an item, the category chosen on the item will appear in the "Select a category..." dropdown.  This will determine the compatibility fields that will be available to fill in (i.e Make/Model/Year/Trim/Engine).  If the editor was opened from the Manage Compatibilities window, you will need to specify the category.

  2. If you have an existing compatibility set that you would like to add to this set, then choose it from the Compatibility Sets dropdown and then hit the arrow to the right of it to add it to the list.



  1. For any additional entries, choose a value for each of the compatibility fields.  In this case, Make/Model/Year/Trim/Engine.  Note that in the Year selection, you can choose multiple entries by using Shift-Click or Ctrl-Click.  When finished, click the right arrow next to the fields to add them to the list.



  1. At any time, you can select a row in the compatibility list and use the left arrow button to remove it from the list.

  2. When you have finished adding all the compatibilities, choose a save option in the footer.  



If you want to simply save these compatibilities with the item, then choose Change this item only and click OK.  If you would like to save these compatibilities as a named set so you can use them later, choose Create a new compatibility set with these values and then click OK.  You will then be prompted for a name.  The compatibilities will then be saved and sent with your item when it is submitted.