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Insuring Shipments

The process of insuring your shipments has been completely integrated into SixBit.  By teaming up with Shipsurance, a leader in the shipping insurance industry, we are able to provide you with low cost insurance that is very easy to use.   


The integrated shipping insurance is only $0.99/$100 of coverage for USPS domestic, $1.25/$100 of coverage for USPS international, and only $0.65/$100 of coverage for UPS and FedEx (domestic or international).  Your SixBit account will be billed directly, and if you have a credit card on file, purchasing shipping insurance is as easy as a button click.  Please see our Shipping Insurance FAQ for more information on pricing and applicability.


UPS, FedEx and USPS Express Mail (Domestic and International) cover the first $100.  You only need purchase insurance for shipments greater  than $100.


Through SixBit, you can purchase shipping insurance on any qualifying shipment.  If something changes, and your shipment doesn't go out, you have 24 hours to cancel your shipping insurance.  Also, if a package is lost or damaged, SixBit will help you initiate the claims process from the same window you purchased the insurance from.