Managing Presets

The Item Window contains many settings that must be specified for each site for which items are listed.  Many of those settings are the same for many, if not all, of a user's items.  For example, users may use one set of shipping services for their fragile items and a different set of shipping services for their indestructible items.  It can become tedious to change all the settings depending upon the item, or to have to manually fill out the same settings for hundreds of items.


To solve this problem, we allow users to save all the settings within the group under a named collection called a preset.  Users can save as many groups of settings as they'd like.  By saving multiple groups of settings as presets, it becomes easy to switch between them just by choosing the preset name.


The presets available will depend upon the sites that you list on, however all presets behave the same.  To learn how to use presets as you are entering an item, refer to the following topics: Saving Settings for Future Use, Applying Saved Settings and Editing Saved Settings.


In addition to modifying the settings while you are creating an item, the following management functions can be performed: