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Manually Synchronizing

SixBit will automatically synchronize with the eCommerce sites periodically, but if you have the need to can force a synchronization at any time.  There are several types of refreshes you can perform.   A Quick Refresh will just get the information about recent sales.  It doesn't retrieve information like watch counts or bid counts, but is useful if you are in a hurry to process new sales.  A Full Refresh will get all the information about sales and listings including recent bids, watch counts and recent changes to listings.  It takes longer, but is more complete.  You may also perform a Synchronization of Auxiliary Data.  This will retrieve non sales related data that is still necessary to run your business.  (i.e. category information, DSR scores, themes, charities, etc.)



To manually synchronize with the eCommerce sites:

  1. From the Application menu, select Database|Quick Refresh, Database|Full Refresh or Database|Synch Auxiliary Data. Blue_Browse_Right.gifShow me the Application menu.