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Mapping Generic Shipping Services

eBay and Amazon allow you to offer generic shipping services to your buyers.  When its time to ship however you must choose a specific service.  To make this process easier, SixBit allows you to map the generic services to specific services so you don't have to specify a service every time you open the Postage window.


Calculated Mappings

When using USPS Priority Mail as a  shipping service, it is not always easy to do a straight mapping from a generic service to your shipping service.  For example, the shipping service you choose may depend upon which flat rate box the item will fit in or how much it weighs.  


To help with this problem, we have introduced a special mapping called "USPS Calculated by SixBit".  By selecting this mapping, SixBit will assign the shipping service based on the following rules, in order:



To map a generic shipping service:

  1. Open the Ship Orders mode.         How?
  2. From the grid, select an order for which postage will be printed.   
  1. Click the Print Postage icon in the ribbon bar.
  2. On the Postage Window, ensure that the Postage tab is selected.

  1. Click the Mappings icon () next to the Type label to open the Postage Mappings window.
  2. Ensure that the Shipping Service Mappings tab is selected.  For each Generic Shipping Service listed in the drop down, a mapped Shipping Service can be selected.