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The contents of this topic only apply to users who have subscribed to the Drop Shipper Addon Module.

Notifying Drop Shippers

When an order is received for an item that is drop shipped, you must notify the drop shipper.  You usually notify them either with an email or by entering information on their web site.

Notifying Drop Shippers via Email

Drop Shipper Notifications let the drop shipper know what to send, how many to send, and who to send it to.  If your drop shipper accepts email notifications as a means to place an order, then you can use SixBit's built-in Drop Shipper Notification.  Customizing Drop Shipper Notifications explains how to edit the Drop Shipper Notification if you would like to make changes to the email that is sent.


If you would like to send out drop shipper notifications, you may send them manually or automatically.  Drop Shipper Notifications can be sent out automatically once a payment has been recorded.  See Customizing Drop Shipper Notifications for information on setting up automatic drop shipper notifications.




To manually send drop shipper notifications:

  1. Open the Ship Orders mode.        How?
  2. From the grid, select the orders in the In Process Status, that you would like to send the email to.  
  3. In the Email group in the ribbon bar, click the Drop Shipper Notification button to open the Email Preview window.  An email for drop shipment in the selected orders will be generated and displayed. You can edit the email if you want to modify it from the original template.
  4. Click Send or Send All to send the email(s).


Notifying Drop Shippers via Their Web Site

Some drop shippers prefer that you enter order information through their web site rather than via email.  Although we do not integrate with drop shippers web sites, we can offer some suggestions to make it easier to fill in the information on their web site.


The drop shipper really just needs to know the information that is included in the Drop Shipper Notification email, so if you have to fill out a web form, we simply recommend that you begin the process described above for sending a Drop Shipper Notification email, and rather than sending the email, you should just copy and paste the information from the email into the drop shippers web form.