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Printing Inventory Labels

You may find it easier to keep track of your items by placing an inventory label on them.  An inventory label contains information such as the itemid, productid, sku, title, and barcodes to help you easily identify find item, listing and order records in SixBit.  See Barcode Scanners for more information on using barcode scanners with inventory labels.


To print inventory labels, all you have to do is to define the printer you want to use for the labels and then print the labels from the Sell Items mode.


To customize your inventory labels, please see Customizing Reports.



To specify an inventory label printer:

  1. Open the SixBit Options window.     How?
  2. Select the Printers tab on the left, then the Inventory Label tab that appears on the right.


  3. Select the Default Inventory Labels printer.
  4. Choose the Inventory Label Style.




To print inventory labels:

  1. Open the Sell Items mode.       How?

  2. Select all items in the grid that you would like to print labels for.
  3. From the Print group in the ribbon bar, click the arrow under the Reports icon, and choose Inventory Labels.
  4. The Report Viewer will appear.  Click the Print button to print the labels.