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Processing Returns

When buyers return items, there are many different things that need to occur.  If the buyer is returning an item for replacement, then you will need a new shipment created.  Also, depending upon whether the item is broken or still usable, the inventory must be adjusted accordingly.  You also need to determine how much to refund the buyer if anything.  This process is all rolled up into one simple function.




To process a return:

  1. Open the Ship Orders mode.   How?
  2. Select the Fulfilled status.
  3. From the grid, select the order that for the item returned.
  1. Double-click the row or click the Edit Order button to open the order record.
  2. Select the item in the shipment that was returned.  If multiple items were returned, you must repeat the remaining steps for each item.
  3. Click the Process Return button in the lower right.  


  1. The Process Return window will appear.  You will need to fill in the information as described in the table below.



Option Description
The buyer is returning the item for: Choose either Refund or Replacement
The item is: This setting determines what to do with the inventory.  If the item is Broken and unsaleable, the inventory will be flagged as shrinkage.  If the item is Still saleable at full value, it will be returned to inventory.
How many items are being returned: Enter the number of this item returned.  You will have to process returns for each different item separately, but if the user is returning multiple copies of any item they purchased multiple quantities of, you can record that number here.
Amount of sale price to be returned: Only displayed for Refunds:
The full sale price will be entered by default, but you have the option to return only a portion of that price if you have come to a different agreement with the buyer.
Amount of shipping to be returned: Only displayed for Refunds:
The full amount of the shipping is entered by default, but you have the option to only return a portion or none of the shipping depending upon your policy.
  1. If the return was for a replacement, a new shipment will be automatically created, and the order will move to the In Process status.  Depending upon the details of the return, a reminder window will appear to tell you how to proceed.