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Receiving Payments

Receiving payments can occur manually or automatically, depending upon how the buyer pays.  


Receiving Payments Automatically

When a new order is created, it is given a default status of "Awaiting Payment".  If the buyer paid on the eCommerce site at the time of purchase (or pays online at some time in the future), the SixBit Agent will automatically retrieve the payment information and set the status to "In Process".  As long as the buyer pays online, there is really nothing you need to do to receive the payments.

Receiving Payments Manually

If the buyer does not pay online, and instead sends a check or money order you will need to record the payments manually.




To receive payments manually:

  1. Open the Ship Orders mode.     How?
  2. From the grid, select the order that you would like to record the payment for.


 You can use the filter row or automatic filtering to quickly locate the order based on the buyers name or other information. The filter row will allow you to enter a name or other information to search for, and automatic filtering will allow you to choose from a list of names.
  1. Double-click the row or click the Edit Order button to open the order record.




  1. Enter the date the payment was received from the Payment Received date picker.  This is the date that you received the check, money order, or electronic payment, but not necessarily the date that the payment has actually cleared.  Orders should remain in the "Awaiting Payment" status until payment has actually cleared.
  2. When the payment has cleared, you can return and fill in the date Payment Cleared from the date picker.
  3. Fill in the Payment Type from the dropdown.
  4. Enter any adjustments that you want to make to the sale amount in the Adjustment field.  Adjustments are often added when buyers choose to include engraving, monogramming or any other service that will add to the price.  If you enter an Adjustment, a new field will appear below the Adjustment field where you can enter the Reason for Adjustment.  (i.e. engraving "Love, John")
  5. Enter the amount the buyer is paying into the Total Paid field.
  6. If the shipping address is not correctly entered, you can edit it using the pencil icon next to the Ship To label.
  7. Click OK when finished.  If the Amount Due is <=0, and a Payment Cleared date is provided, the order will automatically get a status of "In Process".  You can then proceed to package and ship the order.