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Reconciling Inventory

Despite your best efforts to keep inventory organized, invariably some gets lost or stolen.  From time to time you should reconcile your inventory.  Reconciling your inventory is the process of counting what you actually have and entered the value into SixBit.  If the value is different than what is expected, the inventory shrinkage will be adjusted accordingly so all your numbers match up.




To reconcile inventory:

  1. Open the Sell Items mode.    How?
  2. Select the item in the grid for which you would like to reconcile.  
  3. Click the Manage button in the Inventory group on the Ribbon bar.  The Purchase History window will appear.
  1. Expand the Reconcile group at the bottom if it isn't already displayed.


  1. The Reconcile area will total the number of items that you haven't sold and the total that you have sold but haven't shipped to tell you how many should still have in your physical inventory.  If the number you have is different, enter the Actual number in physical inventory and click the Adjust Inventory Levels button.  If you make a mistake, you can just re-enter the proper count and adjust the inventory levels again.  If the inventory you actually have isn't enough to cover the number of items you have committed, you will receive a warning an will have to add a new purchase record to cover the sold items.


In the case above, adjusting the inventory to 22 when 24 items are expected will add 2 to the Lost/Broken column automatically.