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Recording Missing Shipments

If a shipment never arrives at its destination, several things need to occur.  First, a new shipment must be created to replace the missing shipment.  The order then needs to be returned to the In Process status so it can be repackaged and shipped.  Also, the inventory from the original shipment must be flagged as being lost.  Fortunately all the things that need to occur for a missing shipment can be initiated from a single button.




To record a missing shipment:

  1. Open the Ship Orders mode.  How?
  2. Select the Fulfilled status.
  3. From the grid, select the order that contains the shipment that is missing.
  1. Double-click the row or click the Edit Order button to open the order record.
  2. Click the Record Missing Shipment button in the lower right.  


  1. After confirming the missing shipment, a new shipment will be created.  The order will be returned to the In Process status, and the missing items will be recorded as inventory shrinkage.
  2. When you are ready to ship the new package, you can return to the In Process mode to print a packing list, postage and purchase shipping insurance if desired.