Release Notes

SixBit contains the following new features and bug fixes:


Date Version Notes

May 20, 2015



This is the last planned full release of SixBit before the SixBit 2.0 beta is released.   Previously, we announced that we will no longer support XP after the first of this year.  This is the last full release that XP will work with.  Starting with the betas leading up to SixBit 2.0, you will not be able to run SixBit on XP computers any longer.


This version includes the following fixes/enhancements:

  • The beta flag is being turned off for all users.  From time to time we reset it to ensure that only users who really want the beta are being notified.  Once SixBit 2.0 is released, users who would like to continue being beta testers can turn the beta flag back on. (Options|General)

  • Fixed issue with Charged Shipping cost displaying incorrectly for combined GSP orders.

  • Pictures in the Edit window now display faster and include a "1 of X" message as well as the name of the picture.

  • Added the ability to reorder user defined item specific values.

  • Added a clickable link next to the buyers name in the Orders sidebar to go to the buyers profile on eBay.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Options window from opening.

  • Fixed an issue with the Sales Tax calculation when tax was included on shipping.

  • Added support for FTP Implicit protocol.

  • Added an Export Grid icon next to the Grid Layout dropdowns in the Sell Items, Check Listings and Ship Orders grids.

  • Database names can now start with numbers.

  • Fixed an issue with batch change of duration.

  • Fixed an issue saving CSV mappings.

  • Fixed an issue printing SCAN forms.

  • Refresh buttons under Application Menu|Database have been moved to Application Menu|Refresh.

  • Import/Export were moved from the Application Menu to the ribbon bars in their respective grids.

  • Fixed an issue with batch change of durations.

  • Fixed an issue cancelling the save of map files

  • Fixed an issue with the display speed of images in the grid.

  • Updated the HTML Editor to the latest version.

  • Fixed an issue with PayPal partial refunds.

  • Fixed an issue saving FTP SSL settings.

  • Fixed an issue with some import functions on the Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Improved the speed navigating between items in the Item window.

  • Fixed an issue with placeholder pictures being imported from eBay.

  • Fixed issue with Package Details being sent with Freight option.

  • Fixed issue with Items with different skus linked to the same item when title is the same.

  • Updated eBay AU Shipping Services.

  • Updated eBay UK Shipping Services.

  • Fixed issue with Turbo Lister Import.

  • Fixed crash issue editing Descriptions.

  • Fixed issue with database restore.

  • Fixed issue recalculating Shipment weight after deleting Sale.

  • Fixed issue with Allocation Plans to prevent duplicate listings.

  • Performance improvement with Import from eBay function.

  • Fixed issue with SKU generation when modifying existing Variation Sets.

  • Fixed issue with Allocation Plans not starting listings.

Dec. 10, 2014 1.04.235

This version includes a new Shipments Analysis for Enterprise users.  Similar to the Order and Sales Analysis, the Shipments Analysis allows you to view, print, export shipment information.


This version also includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Improvements to the order refresh process

  • Added missing links to documentation

  • Added the ability to copy SKU/ProductID from the Items and Listings grid (right click|Copy to Clipboard)

  • Added Best Offer percent fields to CSV Export and Import

  • Added Item Created Date to the Check Listings grid.

  • Added an option to suppress warnings when submitting or revising items (Options|General)

  • Added "Duplicate Title Running Fixed Price Listings (eBay)" and "Duplicate Title Running Auction Listings (eBay)" views to Check Listings.

  • Added an option to persist carriage returns in the Description HTML when exporting to CSV

  • Added ShippingCountryCode and BillingCountryCode to Sales Analysis

  • Added an option to copy the Title to clipboard on Items and Listings grid

  • Added the ability for Allocation Plans to relist more than one Auction w/o BIN per item

  • Added the ability to decrement a value from the quantity currently listed from batch change

  • Added First ListingID to the Orders grid

  • Added Shipment Notes and Order Notes to Sales Analysis grid.

  • Added the ListingID field to the Pick List

  • Improved the speed of printing packing lists for users with lots of pictures in the database

  • Added the ability to clear Payment Instructions during a revise

  • Added totals to the Price and Qty To List fields in the Listings Analysis window

  • Added Duration to Batch Change Revisions.

  • Added City and Zip to Sales Tax Report.
  • Conditional Logic now supports < and >.
  • Added tab for Complete Sale logging (part of Mark as Shipped) in the Event log.
  • Added TrackingNumberNoLink replacement variable for emails to show only the tracking number.

  • The Sales Analysis tool contains more fields from the Order and Shipment

  • Made the Event Log Window non-modal so you can leave it open while performing other tasks

  • Now able to send up to 3000 compatibilities for each Listing.

  • Fixed an issue with searching on Weight Minor from the Orders grid

  • Fixed an issue where International Ship To locations were being cleared when editing items (introduced in 1.04.233)

  • Fixed an issue with items imported from eBay not getting the correct picture names

  • Fixed an issue duplicating the Origin Template when duplicating an item

  • Fixed an issue with Advanced Searches using "In List".

  • Fixed an issue with postal codes containing dashes on international addresses getting cut off

  • Fixed an issue with purchase rows not always getting created when using a variation item template

  • The picture upload window is no longer shown if there are no pictures to upload

  • Changes to the Date Payment Received or Date Payment Cleared on the Orders window will now trigger those changes to be sent to eBay

  • Fixed an issue importing pictures from CSV when importing as links without the option to generate thumbnails selected

  • Fixed an issue with batch changing "Last Cost" and "Date Purchased"

  • HTML Editor window now has no size limit

  • When a computer is disabled in the Manage Agent window, any tasks for the computer are now removed.

  • Fixed an issue with orders not showing the correct variation picture in the grid.

  • Fixed an issue with Self Host Pictures being set on listings during CSV import.

  • The Relistable for Credit filter no longer includes items without inventory

  • Fixed an issue resetting the grid layout selection and folder list when switching databases

  • Fixed an issue expanding compatibilities with an "&" in the value

  • The ProductID Type can now be cleared on revisions

  • Fixed an issue updating listings when Category 2 is removed during a CSV update

  • The Return Policy and Payment Instruction fields now accept carriage returns

  • Fixed an issue starting the program when no default printer is chosen

  • Fixed a "collection modified" exception when assigning note to compatibilities

  • Fixed an issue with weights adding 1 pound when changing the weights on the customs tab

  • Fixed an issue with Allocation Plans that allowed relisting a BIN auction when a Fixed Price item was running

  • Fixed an issue with package size "Large Envelope" not working for calculated shipping

  • Fixed an issue saving listing grid layouts overwriting item grid layouts

  • Using Cancel on the Address Edit window now cancels all edits

  • Fixed an issue exiting the postage window to combine shipments

  • Fixed an issue with relisted items getting info from the listing instead of the item

  • Fixed an issue with the "Submitted By" dropdown not being populated

  • Fixed an issue with sales tax calculations in the Sales Tax report for combined shipping orders.

  • Fixed an issue with PO Box exclusions not working

  • Fixed Items grid context menu to allow assignment to Status without a substatus.
  • Fixed clearing of Immediate Payment option on Refreshes
  • Variation Pictures can be updated from CSV files.
  • Fixed Batch Change Revisions for Store Categories
  • Other Payment Method removed for eBay US and CA sites.
  • Fixed Goto Selected Items showing only Items previously listed.
  • Advanced Search supports "In List" for text fields.
  • Variation Pictures can be updated from CSV files.
  • Turned off Backup Notifications if Backup Limit is 0.
Oct. 14, 2014 1.04.208 Hotfix

This version includes the following fix:

  • Combined orders were not getting the correct total paid (introduced in 1.04.207)

Oct. 2, 2014 1.04.207 Hotfix

This version includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue importing local pictures in the Blackthorne Import and the Amount Paid on Orders that wasn't correct for Orders shipped with eBay's Global Shipping Program.

Sep. 24, 2014 1.04.206 Hotfix

This version includes support for USPS SCAN forms and eBay's new Extended Holiday Returns in addition to many other smaller fixes and enhancements.


USPS SCAN (Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice) Form Support Added

In this version we have added support for printing USPS SCAN  Forms for Endicia and Express1 printed postage.   You will only see any SCAN Form features if you have setup integration with Endicia or Express1.  SCAN Forms allow you to take multiple packages to the post office and provide just a single barcode scan to accept all the packages at once.  This reduces the amount of time it takes to drop off USPS packages.


New order fields will record whether a SCAN Form has been printed or not and the date it was printed.   A new view on the "Ship Orders" mode will allow you to see all the orders where "Scan Forms Not Printed".  From there, you can choose the items to include in your SCAN form and click the "Print SCAN Forms" button on the Orders ribbon bar.   This will flag the orders as having SCAN Forms printed and drop them from the view.


If you need to reprint a scan form, then select the "SCAN Form History" view on the Ship Orders mode.  This will show  you all the past orders grouped into their SCAN Forms.  Right click any order and choose "Reprint SCAN Form" to get another copy of the form.


In addition, this release includes the following fixes/enhancements:


  • Added support for eBay's new Extended Holiday Returns (Payment Preset|Returns)

  • Added the ability to reset the refresh dates (Options|Refreshes|Refresh Dates)

  • Added a tooltip to the row selector to identify the row number

  • Added a "Copy Tracking Number" icon to the Ship Orders sidebar and Order grid context menu

  • Added grouping by Tracking Number to Orders grid

  • Added Storage Location and Supplier to the Advanced Search in the Orders grid.

  • Added support for consolidator labels for Endicia

  • Added support for Regional Rate Box C in Postage window

  • Added ExternalTransactionID (PayPal Transaction ID) to Orders grid, Packing List, Sales Analysis and Orders Analysis Tools.

  • Added the ability for UK sellers to list charity items

  • Added the ability to go to the "Selected" Items/Listings/Orders.  This will allow you to select records and quickly exclude all other records from the view.

  • Searching "in between" dates will now include the entire last day

  • Search will now allow more than 15 search conditions

  • Added an option to rebuild thumbnails

  • Added "First SKU" field to the Items Analysis grid.

  • Added the ability to include pictures that don't have a file extension on their name

  • The CSV folder is now saved as the default when choosing CSV and map files.

  • Column header display now behaves more consistently.
  • Updated Blackthorne import to include removed variations as inactive variations in SixBit

  • Added the ability to use nested conditional logic in the wrappers, descriptions and emails.   In other words, IF statements can contain other IF statements

  • Added the ability to set substatus from the Items grid context menu

  • Changed the refresh time for feedbacks from 24 hours to 1 hour.

  • Added a view in Sell Items to show "Potential Oversells".  This view shows any items where the quantity listed is greater than the quantity on hand.

  • Added tracking number to the packing list

  • Printer selections are now saved for each computer.

  • When batch changing or searching for store categories, you only need to specify the Profile if more than one Profile has been created.

  • Extended the allowed column widths in the main grids

  • Increased the timeout for processing UPS XML files to receive tracking information

  • Blackthorne pictures saved as URL links can now be imported into SixBit as URL links or as pictures directly into the database

  • Importing from Blackthorne will now keep the BuyerIDs in synch

  • Resolving SellerCountry in Wrappers  now prints the name and not the country code

  • Improved the speed when updating running listings from flat file

  • Added Category 1&2 to the batch revise of listings

  • If an invoice has been sent on eBay, the order in SixBit will now be marked as invoiced

  • Added ActualShippingCost as a field available in the Packing List/Shipment Manifests

  • Added Brazil as a Ship To location for eBay Canada and Australia.

  • Rebuild thumbnails now also works with Manual URL'sFixed an issue with the maximum size of currency fields in the Analysis Tools

  • Fixed an issue choosing None as the Charity

  • Fixed a UI display issue with the Accept Best Offer fields

  • Fixed an issue with bidStart orders not being recorded

  • Fixed an issue with crashing when browsing the FTP space from within SixBit

  • Fixed an issue importing compatibility sets into Listing records

  • Fixed an issue with consigned items not creating consigned sales for OTC orders

  • Fixed an issue with Multiple Item Add when the user only has 1 item template

  • Fixed an inventory calculation error when importing from Blackthorne

  • Fixed a  Cost of Goods calculation error when using a profit sharing consignment plan

  • Fixed an issue with not being able to add pictures

  • Fixed an issue with the Listing Analysis showing a record for each variation

  • Fixed an issue with multi-level sorting

  • Fixed Price field on the listings grid now shows the highest active variation price

  • Fixed an issue with "Exit to Selection" from Orders Analysis

  • Fixed an issue with views not saving the value "Save for all users"

  • Fixed an issue with the country code of China showing as "C2"

  • Fixed an object reference error when combining orders

  • Fixed an issue importing item specifics from Blackthorne

  • Fixed an issue with variations not loading into Rubber Stamps on postage labels

  • Fixed an issue with the authority type of "Postal Code" not saving in the tax table

  • Fixed an issue with "Import from eBay" not sticking on the Quick Access Toolbar

  • Fixed an issue with P&L Preview showing different totals than printed copy

  • Fixed an issue handling negative "Restock At" values when importing from Blackthorne

  • Fixed an issue with the Listing Analysis report overflowing to two pages

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect refund amounts on over the counter sales

  • Fixed an issue importing the quantity from bidStart listings

  • Fixed an issue with the check for duplicate fixed price listings.   The check now takes the seller profile into account.

  • Fixed "too many pictures" error when listing or revising items

  • Fixed an issue with custom numeric fields limited to 999

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect refresh dates being stored in the Options window

  • Fixed an issue with the auto decline of Best Offer

  • Fixed an issue creating duplicate views when saving a search for all users

  • Fixed an issue with the values in the On Hand column in the grid

  • Fixed an issue with non-taxable OTC items showing tax on the Sales Analysis

  • Fixed an issue saving the adjustment fee on an order when the status was not Fulfilled

  • Fixed an issue with batch changing fixed price resulting in invalid best offer values

  • Fixed an issue with the display of compatibilities when multiple categories were selected

  • Fixed an issue setting the payment cleared date when payment type is credit card

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate orders getting created for users with a large number of orders

  • Flat file import now allows prices up to $999,999.99

  • Fixed an issue importing compatibilities from Blackthorne when using SQL Authentication

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate orders for users of Advanced Database Automation (StoneEdge, MoM, etc.)

  • Fixed an issue duplicating grid layouts.


July 14, 2014 1.04.168

Multiple Item Add


Sellers of catalog items now have a way to supercharge their listing process.  In this version, we've added the ability to quickly add items from simply providing a UPC/ISBN/EAN.  Under the Add button in Sell Items, choose Multiple Items to open the Multiple Item Add window.  On this window, you will select an Item Template that will be used to provide the default values for your new items.  Then you will provide a list of UPC's, EAN's or ISBN's for the items you want to add.  The values can be entered one per line or separated by commas.  You can also import the list of values from a file.  When you click OK, SixBit will look up the items in the eBay Catalog to find the Title, Picture, Catalog info and Item Specifics and then marry those values to the default Item Template values to create your new items.   If you have a barcode reader, you'll be able to add UPC's to the list as fast as you can click.  See our demonstration video for more info.


Added Conditional Logic Formatting to Wrappers/Descriptions/Emails

In this release we are adding conditional logic to our wrappers, descriptions and emails.   Conditional logic will allow you to output different data based on the value of a Field Variable.   For example, suppose you want to show the material of an item in your listing and you want it to have a label like this:   Material: Leather


Previously, you would add the label and variable like this :   Material: [[Material]]


This worked fine except when the Material variable was empty.  In that case you were left with a label and no text after it.


With conditional logic, you choose what will be output based on the value of the Field Variable.  For example, you would now add the following:   {{IF[[Material]]='','','Material: [[Material]]'}}


The conditional statement is surrounded by {{ }} to identify it as conditional code.   Inside the braces, it is broken down into three parts, separated by commas.  The first part IF[[Material]]='' is the statement that compares a field to a value.  In this case, we are looking to see if Material contains no text.  The second part is the text that we will output if the first part is true.  In other words, if the Material variable is empty, then we will output nothing (signified by two single quotes with nothing in between them).  The third part is what we will output when the first part is false.  So if Material is not empty then we will output Material: [[Material]] which would further resolve to something like:  Material: Leather


Conditional logic can be very powerful.  The output of the 2nd and 3rd parts can be text or HTML allowing you to do things like include different pictures based on the value of a variable.


Enabled Some of the Analysis Tools for Small Business Edition


In this version, the Items/Suppliers/Listings and Buyers Analysis Tools are enabled for the Small Business Edition.  The Orders and Sales Analysis Tools still require the Enterprise Edition.  With the new tools, you will be able to view, report, export and print information about your Items, Suppliers Listings and Buyers.


Added Consignors Analysis Tool


For those users subscribed to the Consignment Module, you will now find a Consignors Analysis Tool which will allow you to see lists of your consignors and view pertinent information such as Total Commissions Earned and Total Number of Consigned Items Sold.



This version also includes the following fixes/enhancements:

  • Added the ability to see recent Endicia purchases and request Endicia refunds from within the program.  On the Manage Postage window, just click the "View the Endicia Postage Purchase History" link.
  • Added the ability to choose a default "Actual Shipping" value for newly created shipments.  (From Options|Creating Orders)
  • Added Variation1-5 to the postage mapping variables
  • Added ExternalOrderID to the Orders Advanced Search
  • Added Storage Location to sales grid in Order window
  • Added autoscroll of the folders area when dragging items into a folder
  • Added the ability to resize the Orders window to make the sales grid larger
  • Added consignment fields to Sales Analysis grid giving the ability to create multiple useful consignment reports.

  • Added the ability to batch change the compatibility set on running listings

  • Added the ability for users to choose the image display height as an option to choosing the width.   Also added the option to just set the display size of the widest side (width or height).  Options|Pictures
  • Added the TransactionID field to packing list subreports
  • Added an option to let users choose a maximum Product Title length (Options|Creating Items)
  • Added the import of Consignors from the Blackthorne database.  This will bring in consignor records now but still will not import Consignment Plans
  • Added support for importing the Motor Vehicles List for UK Compatibility sellers
  • Added the ability to search on BIN Auctions when searching for Listing Type
  • Added the ability to start an image upload in the background so you can continue to work while the images are uploading
  • Added the ability to export only selected grid rows to Excel instead of the entire grid
  • Added the ability to collapse the common item information on the Item and Listing windows
  • Consignor Payout date ranges are now for the Payment Cleared Date, not the Sale Date.  Please note that the first payout report that you print with this version may include overlapping items from the previous report.  You should double check the first payout report to make sure you are not including duplicates.
  • Made the Consignor Payout Report load faster
  • Best offer percent settings will no longer be changed to best offer actual after a refresh from eBay
  • Fixed an issue with the prompt to mark consignment orders as paid when printing Consignor Payout Report

  • Fixed an issue with single quotes in the names of saved searches
  • Fixed some issues with UK Compatibilities
  • Fixed an issue printing mailing labels when skipping labels
  • Fixed an issue that allowed folders to be dropped above the Item Repository
  • Fixed an issue with inventory when batch changing Qty Currently Listed
  • Fixed an issue with OTC orders not showing in P&L report
  • Fixed an issue with variations not allowed in certain categories
  • Fixed an issue batch revising Best Offer
  • Fixed an issue with spaces in the eBay userid when authorizing
  • Fixed a memory issue when applying picture processing on more than 500 items
  • Removed the ability to create compatibility sets for Australia.
  • Fixed an issue with Listing Fees being recorded as twice what they should be
  • Fixed a few other various memory issues.
  • Fixed an issue installing SQL Server on 64 bit machines
  • Importing from Blackthorne will now flag consignment items and sales as consigned
  • Fixed an error duplicating views with a name > 30 characters.
  • Fixed an issue displaying the compatibility sets on the Manage Compatibilities window
  • Fixed a "column argument" error opening the Analysis Tools
  • Fixed an error with using the filter row to filter the Supplier field in Sell Items mode
  • Fixed a rounding error calculating the distributed listing fee across multiple sales
  • Fixed an issue with the grid image popup flashing
  • Fixed an issue with recording missing shipments
  • Fixed an issue with duplicate items in the packing list
  • "Consignor Not Paid" filter now excludes items that haven't been paid for yet
  • Auctions are no longer flagged as duplicates when listed without Buy It Now.
June 5, 2014 1.04.154 Hotfix

This hotfix contains the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with shipping addresses disappearing

  • Fixed an issue with batch changing quantities.

June 2, 2014 1.04.153 Hotfix

This hotfix contains the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with missing sales in orders for items that had negative inventory.

May 28, 2014 1.04.152

Shipped From Location (Origin) Enhancements

In this release we have enhanced the options for providing the items origin (shipped from location).  


Previously, you could save a location with your Profile.  That location would be sent to eBay as the origin of any items listed with that profile.  eBay uses the origin to calculate shipping rates.  However some users ship items from more than one warehouse even though they sell under the same userid/profile.   Also, whenever an item is drop shipped, the drop shippers location should be used as the items origin.


As of this release, you will now be able to not only specify a default origin for each profile, but you will be able to specify the Shipped From location for each item.  The profiles default will be used for the item if not specified.  This will allow you to list items from the same eBay Userid, yet have the shipping calculated to the appropriate warehouse/location.  When an Order is created, separate shipments will be created if the items in the order originate from separate locations.  The Shipment record will also display the origin of the shipment and give you a final chance to change the origin if necessary.  Packing Lists, Mailing Labels and Consignor Payout reports will now use the origin of the shipment to determine the Return Address.


Similarly, you can specify the Shipped From location for each drop shipper.  If a drop shipped item is sold, then we will use the drop shippers origin as the origin of the shipment.  


Blackthorne User Requests

We also are continually adding features requested by Blackthorne users during the migration. Our most recent notable additions include:


  • Added the ability to submit best offer values as percentages.
  • Added the ability to print Listing Labels like Blackthorne.  Listing Labels are much like inventory labels except they are printed for each listing and can contain the eCommerceID.
  • Added the ability to Edit Presets from the Manage Preset window.
  • Added the ability to sort Presets, Snippets, Description Wrappers, Email Templates and Consignment Plans in their Manage windows.


This version also includes the following fixes/enhancements:

  • Added expand engines for UK parts compatibility
  • Added the ability to resolve variables in item specifics during a CSV export
  • Added a copyable PayPal Transaction ID link to the Order window
  • Added the ability to copy eCommerceID from listings and orders grid (right click context menu)
  • Added support for UPS SurePost and Mail Innovations
  • Added an option to set user permissions on Options, Support Mode and Create New Database
  • Added an option to "Mark Packing List Printed"
  • Added the ability to search on "Quantity Currently Listed on Auction" and "Quantity Currently Listed as Fixed Price"
  • Added option to flag an item to "Resend Pictures with Next Submission"
  • Added the ability to clear item specifics values in Batch Change
  • Added the ability to set the status of an item from the Repository (right-click|Status)
  • Added an option to determine who pays fees and costs when using the profit sharing consignment plans.
  • Added an option to not send/receive the Cost and Actual Shipping to Selling Manager (Options|Create Orders)
  • Added the ability to see the Item Folder on Packing Lists and in the Sales grid.
  • Improved the speed opening the Manage Compatibility Sets window
  • Added a print preview option for mailing labels.
  • Profit and Loss, Sales Tax, Consignor Payouts and other reports now use inclusive date ranges. This means that the start date starts from midnight on that day (00:00:00) and the end date ends at 11:59:59 PM (23:59:59) on that day. To see all the info for a particular day you would set the range to something like 05/06/14 to 05/06/14. To see all data for a month, use something like 05/01/14 to 05/31/14.
  • Added the ability to see All fees for a listing (click "All" link next to Listing Fee in sidebar)
  • Added the ability to see the item specifics from a link in the Sell Items sidebar
  • Each Listing Format on the Submit window now has its own sticky default.
  • Added the ability to customize the consignment plan on an individual sale.  Right click the sale in the Order grid and choose "Change Consignment Plan", then choose to "Save with this sale".
  • Added an option to calculate consignment commissions on an item by item basis rather than on the sale as a whole.
  • Added Billing Address, Shipping Address, ListingID, TransactionID and Shipping Service fields to the Sales Analysis grid
  • Added the ability to search item specifics using the = and <> operators.
  • Added weights and dimensions to list of available fields in packing list subreports.
  • Added an option to set the JPEG compression value between 90 and 100. (See Options|Pictures)
  • Added MSRP to the Items grid.
  • Added ShipmentNotes and ItemNotes to the Orders grid.
  • Added ListingID column to the listings grid.
  • Added the ability to import multiple values for an item specific from a CSV file.  Simply separate the values with a pipe "|" character.
  • Added an option include/exclude the phone number when copying addresses (see Options|Creating Orders)
  • Updated to the latest version of the Report Designer.
  • Exporting a grid to Excel will now only export the visible columns
  • Made a change to accommodate eBay's changes in the Tools and Supplies category of eBay Motors
  • Price Floor field for Allocation plans now allows for values up to $999,999.99.
  • Fixed an issue changing presets with Batch Change
  • Fixed error 17 occurring when relisting fixed price listings.
  • Fixed error in profit sharing split on consignment calculation.
  • The "Low Inventory on Running Listings" filter no longer shows items with a Restock Level of 0.
  • Fixed an issue with the import of catalog info for eBay Motors
  • Fixed an issue with a message about loading a temp file when printing reports in rapid succession
  • Fixed a combine order issue.
  • Fixed an issue with Dazzle not returning Tracking Numbers
  • Fixed an issue with replacement variables that had a colon in their name
  • Fixed an issue with "missing shipments" still printing packing lists.
  • Fixed an issue with Report windows not staying on top of other windows.
  • Fixed Profit and Loss calculations for consigned items.
  • Fixed a bug with the Suppliers name not showing in the Orders grid.
  • Fixed a bug with imported items sometimes being incorrectly marked as motors non-parts items.
  • Fixed an error with 404 errors when trying to view the User's Guide from Starter Edition mode.
  • Pictures are no longer imported into the database when they are imported using Manual URL links.  Only a thumbnail will be imported.
  • Fixed an issue sending the charity with a listing.
  • Fixed an issue with the Profit and Loss report showing different numbers when clicking "Preview" immediately after loading.
  • Fixed an issue sending the UPC on revisions.
  • Fixed an issue with the Buyer Messages window getting hidden behind other windows.
  • Fixed an issue with FVF credits not being recorded on disputed sales.
  • Fixed some issues with the HTML Editor crashing.
  • Fixed an issue exporting a date range from the Sales Analysis Tool.
  • Fixed an issue with Purchase rows not always being created when doing a batch change
  • Fixed Issue manually adding Shipments to existing Orders
  • Fixed Issue with Packing lists showing duplicate line items

  • Fixed 10009 Location error with Revising and Scheduling Listings
  • Fixed duplication of Catalog items and clearing of Catalog information.

  • Fixed Object Reference issue when purchasing Insurance.

  • Fixed a rounding error in the consignment calculations

  • Fixed an error using "GoTo Listings" for OTC orders
  • Fixed an issue clearing store categories during CSV import
  • Fixed an error searching by date range in the Analysis Tools
  • Fixed an issue with revising listing prices from flat file when an allocation plan was in effect.
March 20, 2014 1.04.122

In this version we continue to respond to requests from our new users migrating from Blackthorne.  We have included many additions to make them feel at home and also provide additional functionality for our existing users.


This version includes the following fixes/enhancements:

  • Added the ability to import compatibility sets from CSV
  • Added the ability to batch change the compatibility set
  • Added the ability to Expand Trims and Engines in the compatibility set editor
  • Improved the speed of loading the consignment window
  • Added the ability to reset grid layouts to the "factory setting".
  • Added an option to force a submission as a new listing instead of using any available relist credits.
  • Added the ability to search Orders based on item specifics
  • Added new fields to the grids.
    • Items Grid: Compatibility Set Name, Qty to List, Last Cost, Last Date Purchased, Last Supplier, IsDropShipped, Subtitle, Private, Self Host Pictures, Condition Description, Weights, Dimensions, Sub Status, ProductIDType, VAT Percent
    • Listings Grid: Item Notes
    • Orders Grid: Last Shipped Date, Total Tax, Total Charged Shipping, Total Actual Shipping, Total Handling, Total Insurance Cost, Total Insured Value, Last Insured Date
    • Sales Grid in the Order window: Item Notes
  • Added an "Internal Packing List" that is a hybrid of a packing list and a pick list.  It shows all items for a shipment together sorted by Storage Location for easy retrieval.  Also, to save paper, it doesn't have a page break between shipments.
  • Added the ability to clear the email sent flags.  (Right click order, Emails|Mark X as Not Sent)
  • Added the ability to clear the packing list printed flag.  (Right click order, Mark Packing List as Not Printed)
  • Added "Manage Compatibilities" to the Manage dropdown.  This allows for re-ordering compatibilities.
  • Added the following fields to packing lists: InvoicedDate, AdjustmentFeeReason, AdjustmentCost, AdjustmentCostReason, PaymentProcessingFee, ExternalOrderID, Dimensions, SaleNotes, ItemNotes
  • Added an option to Options|Postage to allow users to send Endicia nontrackable tracking numbers to the eCommerce site.
  • Added [[ShippingAddressRaw]] variable to emails to print the shipping address as provided from eBay
  • Added the Last Cost field to the Items sidebar
  • Added the use of arrow keys as hotkeys in the Edit Item, Preview and Edit Order windows
  • Added the ability for Canadian users to change the measurement system and currency globally on the database.
  • Updated to support recent changes in the latest version of UPS Worldship.
  • Replaced the PP logo on the sales grid with the transaction id as a link.
  • Fixed an issue with the subscription check that could occur when using a proxy.
  • Fixed a few formatting issues on the packing lists.   You will need to do a Reset of the packing list to get the change, but be aware that this will overwrite any custom changes you may have made to the packing lists.
  • Fixed an issue with the calculation of expenses on the Orders Analysis grid.
  • Fixed an issue with copy/paste of the buyers address
  • Fixed an issue getting an empty variation grid after importing from eBay
  • Fixed some issues with Buyer Messages
  • Fixed an issue with the consignor name and address not appearing on the Consignor Payout Report.
  • Fixed an issue with missing consignments on the Consignor Payout Report.
  • Fixed an issue recording PayPal fees on consignment orders
  • Consignor Payout Report for Consignor now excludes orders Awaiting Payment
  • Fixed an issue with the Description Editor only opening once for bidStart
  • Fixed an issue with Description Wrappers not showing on the Manage Wrappers window for AU, CA and UK users who imported from Blackthorne
  • Fixed an issue with batch change when the text contained commas or single quotes
  • Fixed the "starting price cannot be 0" error when revising variations.
  • Fixed the Listings Analysis tool error where details Sales records did not show.
  • Fixed an issue with the zoom feature on gallery images in the eBay listing.
  • Fixed and issue with the Part Number mapping on a Blackthorne import.
February 17, 2014 1.04.104

In this release, we have many new features and are including the beta version of the Consignment Module.  


Consignment Module Beta


In this version, we are introducing our long awaiting Consignment Module into beta test.  The Consignment Module will be an addon to the base Small Business and Enterprise editions of our software and you must add the module to your account to see the consignment features.  See Subscribing_to_the_Consignment_Module for more info on turning on the Consignment Module.


During the beta test, the Consignment Module will be free, but beginning on May 1, 2014 anyone still subscribed to the consignment module will begin seeing a monthly charge of $29.99 for the Consignment Addon in their monthly bill.   Depending upon the progress of the beta testing, we may opt to extend the free trial period past May 1st, but we will not shorten the trial.


To test the Consignment Addon, you will need to download this version (1.04.102) or later and subscribe to the Consignment Addon from your Client area.  If you have trouble turning on the consignment module, just create a support ticket.  After subscribing, please read all of the Consignment topics to learn how to use the Consignment Module.


We highly recommend that you begin with just a few consignment items in SixBit and test each aspect of the consignment module to make sure it is working for you before expanding to multiple consigned items.


Notes to Blackthorne Consignment Users


Because our consignment plans are different than the Blackthorne consignment plans, we cannot import consignment information from Blackthorne.  We recommend that you complete any running consignments in Blackthorne and begin new consignments in SixBit.


Some new features that Blackthorne users should be aware of include:



Also in this release...


In addition to Consignments, this version includes the following fixes/enhancements:


  • Fixed an object reference error on the Returns window
  • Changed the name of some CSV columns when importing variations.  The "ProductID" and "ParentProductID" fields are now named "VariationID" and "ParentVariationID".  If you have CSV files that import variations you will need to rename the fields in  your CSV files.
  • Fixed an issue importing image sizes from eBay when users were hosting their own images.
  • Fixed several Blackthorne import issues.
  • eBay Picture Service names used to be unique.  Now they are no longer unique and are using the directory structure to make the picture paths unique.  Because of this, when we import EPS images, we must assign them an automatic unique name.  This will ensure unique names in the event you ever need to upload the images to your own web space.
  • Fixed an issue getting Tracking Number from Endicia on First Class postage
  • Fixed an issue bringing in bidStart orders
  • Fixed an issue with eBay renaming Country of Manufacture
  • Fixed an issue with Scheduled Listings disappearing
  • Fixed some issues importing compatibilities from Blackthorne
  • Fixed an issue exporting variation info to CSV.
  • Fixed an issue with international currencies and dates
  • Fixed an error relisting compatibilities
  • Blackthorne items that did not track inventory now import better (inventory is 0)
  • Fixed an issue where the 'c' key closed the email edit window
  • Fixed an issue where the 'd' key closed the Express 1 registration window
  • Fixed an issue with "Error 71 Location not found" when scheduling listings
  • Fixed an issue with the location being sent with scheduled listings
  • Fixed an issue double clicking variables to add them in the HTML editor.
  • Fixed an issue with sending the self hosted images flag after FTP settings were removed
  • Fixed an issue with totals not printing from Analysis Reports
  • Fixed an issue with combined international orders
January 20, 2014 1.04.086

This hotfix:

  • Fixed an issue with currencies and dates when the database region did not match the Windows region.
  • Fixed an issue with the quantities being set on variation items from a Blackthorne import.
January 8, 2014 1.04.085 Hotfix

This hotfix fixes:

  • An issue where the 'c' key closed the email edit window
  • An issue where the 'd' key closed the Express 1 registration window
  • Fixed an issue with the location being sent with scheduled listings
  • Fixed an issue double clicking variables to add them in the HTML editor.
January 6, 2014 1.04.084 Hotfix

This hotfix fixes an issue with the eBay Authorization window.

January 6, 2014 1.04.083

In this release we  have enhanced the HTML editor capabilities by allowing you to choose from multiple options for your HTML editing.  You can now choose to use:

  •  the built in WYSIWYG editor
  • a plain text editor
  • an editor of your choice (Kompozer, Dreamweaver, Expression Web, etc.)

Simply go to Options|Creating Items to select the editor of your choice.


This version also includes the following fixes/enhancements:

  • Added a few new shipping services for UK
  • Added a check for combinable orders when printing packing lists
  • Batch change now sets the date last modified on the item
  • Added hot keys to all buttons (hit Alt key to see hotkey options)

  • Changes to the grid layouts in the Postage and Buyer Messages window are now sticky.
  • Fixed an issue dragging and dropping into item statuses
  • Fixed an issue sending custom emails
  • Fixed an issue with 400 pixel images importing from Blackthorne
  • Extended the Product Title field to 200 characters
  • Fixed an issue saving the Is Taxable flag during an import from eBay
  • Fixed an issue saving Combined Shipping values when importing from eBay
  • Fixed an issue with the max value on numeric item specifics
  • Fixed an issue with flat file map files handling item specifics with spaces in their names
  • Fixed an issue with Scheduled listings not moving out of Scheduled status
  • Fixed an issue ending a scheduled listing
  • Fixed an error revising best offer

  • Fixed an issue opening the Analysis Tool

  • Fixed an issue importing compatibility sets from Blackthorne
  • Fixed an issue creating SKU's when importing from a flat file


December 10, 2013 1.04.063

This version includes the following fixes/enhancements:

  • Analysis Tools handle invalid dates better
  • Added StorageLocation and Status columns to Listings grid.
  • Added First Tracking Number to Orders grid.
  • Added the ability to open a file automatically when saving it in the Analysis Tools
  • Added a popup of the grid images by hovering
  • Added the ability to include the return address on Endicia postage
  • Added SKU field to mailing labels
  • Added a tooltip to Category1&2 to show path to full category.
  • Added PaymentType as an email variable
  • Added ItemNotes field to the Sales Analysis Tool
  • Fixed an issue with the print order of mailing labels
  • Fixed an issue with the creation of orders on items imported from Blackthorne
  • Fixed an error with UK Compatibility combinations
  • Fixed an error with Manual Orders when the Buyers Address had no state
  • Fixed the "Recursive call to Automation Peer" errors.
  • Fixed an error importing International shipping settings from Blackthorne
  • Fixed an issue with the FedEx country
  • Fixed an issue with the WorldShip declared value
  • Fixed an issue with Refresh All failing on the initial try
  • Fixed an issue importing Blackthorne titles > 100 characters
  • Temporarily removed the DSR chart due to a conflict after a recent technology upgrade
  • Fixed an issue with importing Shipping Discount profiles from Blackthorne
  • Fixed an issue saving the Condition Description and SubTitle
  • Fixed an issue exporting CSV from Analysis Tools
  • Fixed an issue with database backups not getting deleted
November 18, 2013 1.04.038

This version includes the following fixes/enhancements:

  • Fixed the "TeamViewer/Cannot Set Visibility" issue.  See for instructions to fix.
  • Added the ability to skip labels when printing inventory or mailing labels on sheet labels.
  • Added PaymentType to the Packing List
  • Added the ability to turn off automatic variation qty updates
  • Added the ability to resize a single row in the Items grid.
  • Added the ability to order email templates
  • Added First Shipping Service, First ProductID, and First Storage Location to the Orders grid.
  • Added the ability to revise Parts Compatibilities from the Listings window.
  • Fixed an issue batch changing the Business Profile in Sell Items.
  • Fixed an issue importing from older Blackthorne databases.
  • Fixed an issue entering Compatibilities when they included an & in the name (i.e. Town & Country)
  • Fixed an issue sending "Same Day Shipping" to eBay.
  • Fixed an issue saving edits to addresses before printing mailing labels
  • Fixed an issue importing Blackthorne catalog items
  • Fixed an issue with skus being cleared when duplicating an item with automatic sku generation turned on.
  • Fixed an issue importing incorrect variation quantities from Blackthorne.
  • Fixed an issue printing Drop Shipper emails.
  • Removed listing designer from AU since it is no longer supported.
  • We now handle views with large amounts of data better by adding a 10,000 record limit to the view.
November 7, 2013 Hotfix 1.04.021

This hotfix fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue losing skus, when the automatic sku generator was turned on
  • Fixed an issue importing catalog items from Blackthorne
November 5, 2013 Hotfix 1.04.020

This hotfix fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue sending "Same Day Shipping" to eBay
November 2, 2013 Hotfix 1.04.019

This hotfix fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue importing metric weights from Blackthorne
  • Fixed an issue opening reports for users with a space in their Windows user name.
November 1, 2013 Hotfix 1.04.018

This hotfix fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue some users were getting when opening the Picture Editor
  • Fixed an issue interacting with bidStart


October 30, 2013 1.04.016

We're calling this our Blackthorne Lovers release. because in this version we've concentrated on you past Blackthorne users and added some features we know that you are going to love.


This version is a "full installation" version.  That means during the installation, SixBit will be uninstalled and reinstalled rather than simply upgrading.  This will not affect your database.  If you are running the installation as an upgrade you can simply choose to install the "Client Installation" if you'd like since the database has already been installed.


Blackthorne Lovers Features


Grid Layouts

We're releasing our improved grid layouts that let you see the data you need to see for each view.   You can move columns, size columns, hide/show columns, sort and group the grid and save your settings as named grid layouts.  Then, as you use these grid layouts in your views, SixBit will remember which one you used for each view.  You'll be able to fully customize the data you see for each view.  Please see Saving Grid Layouts for more info.


Side by Side Editing

We've also introduced side-by-side editing of items.  You can now open the Edit Item window and leave it open.  As you select different items in the Sell Items grid, it will appear in the Edit window.   This should greatly reduce the time it takes you to make edits to items.   Simply move and size the grid and edit windows where you want them.  They can be side by side or one on top of the other.  If you are lucky enough to have two monitors, put one window on each monitor and kick into high gear.


For new Blackthorne recruits, we've also created an "Importing from Blackthorne" video to get you started off on the right foot.


Packing Lists, Pick Lists, Mailing Labels and Inventory Labels Moved Into the Database


In prior versions, these reports were stored as separate files outside of the database.  They have now been moved into the database.  This will allow all users to see the same reports without having to copy the files to each computer.  As a result, if you have created any custom named reports, you will need to perform a one time import of your custom files.  Simply go to Options|Printers and select the appropriate tab.  Then click the "Manage" button next to the report selection dropdown.  When the Manage window opens, choose "Import" and select the custom report you created.  It will be located in "C:\ProgramData\SixBit\reports".

Replaced Existing HTML Editor

Due to issues with the old HTML Editor, we have replaced it in the new release.  You will notice the toolbar options at the top are different along with these other changes:

  • This version has an inline spell checker
  • Choosing between WYSIWYG and HTML view is now in the toolbar at the top
  • HTML is verified, but not processed and converted nearly as much as the old editor.  Issues with duplicated text should no longer occur.
  • CSS and Javascript no longer need to be stored behind the "Edit CSS" button. They can be added directly in with the HTML.  We have combined them for you in this version.

Updated Catalog Selection

Previously catalog items were selected from the Item Specifics area.  Now, you can enter keywords, search terms, UPC's/ISBN's/EAN's/MPN's, etc. in the Product Title or ProductID fields and use a Search button to the right of the title to identify catalog items.


In addition, we've made the following fixes and enhancements:


  • We've reduced the time it takes to load the item window and navigate back and forth between items
  • Added the ability to import Compatibility Set names from Blackthorne
  • Added a Cost of Inventory Report (Sell Items|Reports)
  • Made it quicker to Add Stock from the Edit Item window.
  • Added presets to the Check Listings grid.
  • Added "Is Variation" field to the Sell Items grid.
  • Added support for Compatibilities for UK and AU.
  • Added the ability to print individual inventory labels for variations.  (Right click the variations grid/Print Inventory Label)
  • Added the ability to leave the Preview window open and navigate from item to item in the grid.
  • Variation pictures now also appear in the [[PictureGallery]] tag.
  • Fixed some memory issues with Preview and Item Edit.
  • We now also end auctions when using Allocation Plans and inventory drops to 0.
  • Added the ability to copy item specifics values when creating item specifics
  • Updated the grid control to improve performance and fix crashing issue when grid was empty.
  • Custom Item Specifics can now be used as the picture variation
  • Increased the database backup timeout to prevent some failed backups
  • Fixed and issue with the "Duplicate Running Listings" view.
  • Color coded item specifics fields.  User defined fields are green, private fields are orange.
  • Added OrderNotes as an available field on Packing Lists
  • Added the ability to save searches for use by all users.
  • Added the ability to set the selection tool aspect ratio in the Picture Editor.
  • Fixed an issue with the display of dependent item specifics
  • Fixed an issue with countdown times not working
  • Fixed the batch change of the variation scarcity level
  • Since Picture Pack is free for eBay US users, we now automatically turn it on and hide it from the interface.  This will ensure that users will get the zoom capability in their gallery images whenever they are larger than 500 pixels.
  • When using eBay Picture Services, references to the images within the Description will now be in their original size.  Previously they would only appear in 500 pixels.
  • Improved the efficiency of submitting listings.  EPS pictures will now only be uploaded if they haven't been uploaded in the last 60 days.
  • To reduce data entry time, the Add Stock window will now default the Cost and Supplier to the values used the last time stock was added.
  • Fixed a bug with the country missing on mailing labels.
  • Added the ability to reorder variations on running listings.
  • Fixed an issue with the Pick List quantity for orders with missing shipments.
  • Fixed an issue losing the active flag when duplicating variations.
  • The Selling Manager Sale Record # is now returned to our External OrderID field.
  • The shipment record now gets the default dimensions from the items in the shipment.


September 20, 2013 Hotfix 1.03.103

This version includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue creating items from templates
  • Added import of compatibilities from Blackthorne


September 12, 2013 Hotfix 1.03.101

This version includes the following fixes/enhancements:

  • Fixed an issue submitting variation pictures due to a recent change on the eBay API
  • Made the database backup timeout longer
  • Fixed an issue refreshing listings that were sold on ProStores due to an error in the eBay API.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the HTML Editor to crash when exiting on some computers.


September 4, 2013 1.03.099

This version includes the following fixes/enhancements:

Custom Mailing Labels, Inventory Labels and Pick Lists


In this version we are expanding the work we did to allow for custom packing lists to also provide custom mailing labels, inventory labels and pick lists.  From the Options|Printer tab, you can now select the style for each type of report/label and edit the report file from the Manage Style button to the right of the style dropdown.


Automatic SKU Generation


We've also added the ability to have SKU's automatically generated when new items are created.  You can enable and define your SKU layout from Options|Creating Items.  Then each time a new item is created (from Add/Duplicate/Create from Item Template/Import) it will be assigned an automatic SKU number.  You can also assign SKU's to existing items by right clicking the item in the Sell Items grid and choosing "Generate SKU".


Added the ability to include Item Specifics as Metadata in FTP Pictures


From Options|Pictures, you can now set an option to have your item specifics entered as metadata into your images when you are using your own FTP space.  This will help you images be found by search engines.


  • Added enhanced error reporting for flat file imports.
  • Added ability to export item specifics
  • Added support for specifying country exclusions on an item by item basis.
  • Added Order "CreatedDate" variable for use in email templates.
  • Added Global Shipping Reference ID to shipping addresses.
  • Added Canada Post Tracked Packet International shipping method for Canadian users.
  • Added batch processing for images.  You can now right click items and choose "Apply Image Processing" to perform the automatic image processing on those images.
  • eBay's Selling Manager Order ID now saved in External Order ID field in SixBit
  • Added more fields to the sales grid on the Edit Order window and made grid layout changes sticky.
  • Fixed some issues with the insured values when purchasing insurance for multiple shipments in an order.
  • Category and Store Category names are now resolved in the Items grid.
  • Fixed an issue with Description Wrapper not copying with Bulk Edit when user had multiple sites chosen.
  • Fixed an issue importing pictures from flat file and updating the pictures on running listings.
  • Fixed an issue importing purchase records from Blackthorne.
  • Fixed an error importing variations from CSV when they spanned multiple categories.
  • Fixed an issue with bidStart listings moving to Completed when user had multiple profiles
  • Fixed an issue marking shipments as shipped when printing packing lists
  • Fixed the script error that appears sometimes when viewing web pages from within SixBit.
  • Fixed some issues importing variations from flat file
  • Fixed an issue updating private Item Specifics from flat file
  • Fixed an issue with scheduled listings starting after a reboot.
  • Fixed and issue with possible overstock of variation items
  • Fixed an issue with the CSV import when the header row contained and extra comma
  • Fixed an issue with Item Condition disappearing when the user lost internet connection
  • Fixed an issue with Parts Compatibility being tied to the category
  • Fixed an error with the Profit/Loss calculation on some unsold items
  • Fixed an issue not sending all information for catalog items
  • Fixed an error listing on eBay Motors with databases that used Canadian dollars.
  • Fixed some issues with modifying variation sets
  • Fixed some issues with Buyer Messages screen sizing
  • Fixed an issue importing variation pictures from flat file


July 19, 2013 1.03.079

In this version we have improved the installation process, and added some enhanced capabilties to our Buyer Messages and Feedback features as well as added the ability to import variations.

Improved Installation

We have modified the installation program to now allow for both Full and Client installations.  Previously when installing, the SIXBITDBSERVER instance of SQL Server was installed on each machine.  The SQL Server instance is really only required on the computer hosting the database, so any computers that were going to connect to the database on another computer would end up with a copy of SQL Server that they did not need.


During the installation, you can now choose whether you are performing a Full installation or a Client installation.  A Full installation will install the instance of SQL Server, and the Client installation will only install the files necessary to connect to a database on another computer.


A few notes on the new installation...

  • If you are going to be running this standalone on only one computer, you would choose the Full Installation
  • If you accidentally install the Client version, you can simply reinstall with the Full Installation to rectify the situation.
  • This change requires this installation to perform a reinstallation rather than an upgrade.  During the installation, you will notice that SixBit is being uninstalled and reinstalled.  This is normal and will not affect your data.

Enhanced Feedback Process

Previously we stored only a flag to indicate whether you have left/received feedback or not.  In this release, we now also store the feedback message you received and the type of feedback you left/received (i.e. positive/negative).  


In addition, we have created a "Positive Feedback Received, Feedback Not Sent" filter in the Ship Orders mode, as well as now showing the feedback message you received in the right hand sidebar and the grid.


The group dropdown on the Ship Orders mode also will now allow you to group the grid on the type of feedback received.


Please note that we can only get this new information on sales that are processed from this point onward, so older sales will be assumed to have received and left positive feedback.  The new filter will apply to all new sales going forward.

Enhanced Buyer Messages

Previously you could process buyer messages from a link on the Dashboard.  In this release, we have moved the processing of buyer messages to the Check Listings mode.  From Check Listings, you will now have a new view called " Listings with Unanswered Questions".  The old link from the Dashboard will now take you to this view.  From this view, you can sort the buyer messages based on the date they were received and choose to answer some or all by selecting the listing(s) and clicking the "Respond to Questions" button on the ribbon bar.


In addition, whenever SixBit notices that you have received new messages since the last time you checked messages, a small notification icon will appear in the lower left corner of the program under the tab selectors.

Import of Variations

Previously users could not import variation items.  In this release, we have added the ability to import variations.   See Importing Variations for more information.


This version also includes the following fixes and enhancements:


  • Added support for listing on eBay Canada in US dollars.  Just specify US dollars when you create the database.
  • More complete explanation of 240 errors on variation listings
  • Added a barcode to the pick list
  • Importing pictures from eBay now returns larger sizes
  • Added an alert when new buyer questions are available (lower left corner of interface)
  • Added an alert to notify users when backups are not being made
  • Added more error messages when database submission fails
  • Added support for DHL consolidation labels.
  • Added the ability to batch process pictures.  You can now right click items and choose "Process Images" to perform the automatic image processing on those images.
  • Added support for HD webcams.  You can now choose the resolution when taking pictures with a webcam.
  • The picture in the Ship Orders grid, packing list and pick list will now accurately show the correct variation picture for variation items.
  • Cleaned up import of listings with Auctiva galleries
  • The buyer history can now be viewed from the Buyer Messages window
  • Improved the speed loading the Analysis Reports
  • Added the billing address to pick lists and emails
  • Added the ability to rename item specifics
  • Fixed an issue with the profile changing during a refresh
  • Fixed a bug saving batch change definitions
  • Fixed a bug with missing inherited item specifics
  • Fixed an issue with flat file update of running listings when MSRP was supplied
  • Fixed a ShippingServiceID error on packing slips that occurred after an upgrade.
  • Fixed an extra inventory message popup when revising.
  • Fixed an issue importing Blackthorne databases due to changes in the BT database structure
  • Fixed some issues with the Batch Revise
  • Fixed an error with missing titles in the description wrappers for international users.
  • Fixed and item specifics error in the Pets categories
  • Fixed and error getting shipping costs from eBay for Global Shipping
  • Fixed an issue with calculating sales tax when buyer has a sales tax id.
  • Fixed an issue charging sales tax to buyers with a Sales Tax ID
  • Fixed an issue with the store category missing in the grid
May 3, 2013 1.03.029 Hotfix

This hotfix fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed an error caused by a recent eBay Category change in Sporting Goods
  • Fixed an error importing listings with condition description.
  • Fixed an error importing dates via CSV for international users.


Apr. 18, 2013 1.03.025

In this release, we add some enhancements to our variation process as well as some features to help identify and prevent duplicate listings.  In addition, we've added support for eBay's new Item Condition field.

Variation Enhancements

In this version, we have enhanced our variation features.  Previously, each variation item had to be tied to an existing "Named Variation Set".  To make changes, you would need to create a new variation set and apply it to the item.  In this release, we are migrating all "Named Variation Sets" to "Variation Templates" and setting each variation item to have its own instance of a variation template.  In short, variation templates will now work like Item Templates.  You can create variations from a Variation Template, but from that point forward, you can customize the variations for each item without worrying about what other items share the same variation definition.


In addition, you now have the ability to activate/deactivate variation combinations that you do not have.  For example, if you don't carry Size 9 shoes in Black, you can deactivate that combination to remove it from the variation set.  You simply uncheck the "Active" box on the grid.  You can right click the grid to view all, active or inactive combinations at any time.


This first step will allow you to more easily manage variations by allowing you to removed the multiple named variation sets used in the past.  In addition, newly imported items will not create multiple named variation sets.


This also prepares us for the next phase of development that will allow us to implement the ability to add or remove variations on existing listings.

Identifying and Preventing Duplicate Listings

This version also includes features to help identify and prevent duplicate listings.


A new filter called "Duplicate Running eBay Fixed Price Listings" has been added to the Check Listings mode to help identify any listings currently running that are duplicates.


We have also added an option to notify you whenever you try to list an item that is already listed.  From the Inventory tab in Options you can now choose whether you want to allow duplicates, not allow duplicates or be asked about allowing duplicates each time an item is listed.


Recent changes in the way eBay reports listings that have been cancelled due to duplication have also been incorporated and reported better.


In addition, we have also made the following fixes and enhancements:


  • Added support for Condition Description
  • Added the ability to import Item Condition
  • Added support for VAT for eBay UK users.
  • Added SKU and ProductID to the "Create Order" grid.
  • Added a "Go To Running Listings for Selected Item" feature.
  • Fixed a bug with using parts compatibility in the Motorcycle categories
  • Fixed a problem with the missing field list on the email editor
  • Sales Tax report now includes items by PaymentClearedDate instead of SaleDate
  • Missing report files are handled better
  • Added Ship Cost to the Sales Tax Report
  • The Description display has been modified to make it more discoverable.
  • Added USPS Parcel Select option for Endicia users.
  • Fixed a bug with the Allocation Plan not properly decrementing the price of relists
  • Fixed a bug recording Bank Deposits in Australia
  • Added the ability to import Allocation Plans for bidStart from a CSV file
  • Fixed an issue to allow custom item specifics to be used as variations
  • Fixed an issue revising orders on eBay when the order contains multiple items with a shipping discount profile.
  • Fixed an issue with decimal weights when creating Manual orders.
  • Fixed an issue updating from CSV when matching on SKU.
  • Fixed an issue with subreports in packing lists not showing the proper currency symbols
  • Fixed an issue batch changing shipping presets.
  • Added the ability to update listings from a flat file.  Simply use the Import from Flat File option and check the box to have running listings updated at the same time the items are updated from the flat file.
  • Added additional fields to the items grid including: Presets, Categories, Counter, Best Offer, Lot Size and eBay Theme.
  • Added packing list style selection to packing list report viewer.
  • Added the ability to clear submission errors from item records.  (Right click item and choose Clear Submission Error)
  • The USPS has deprecated the POSTNET barcodes so we have removed them from the stock packing lists.  If you have customized your packing lists then you can simply remove the postnet barcodes manually  in your custom packing list.  If you have not customized the packing list, then you can get the latest changes by going to Options|Printers|Packing Lists and click the Manage (gear) icon next to the Packing List Style dropdown and "Reset" your packing lists.
  • The USPS now includes up to $200 insurance on Express Mail shipments so our code has been changed accordingly.
  • Fixed an error where double clicking the snippet scrollbar entered the snippet into the document body.
  • Fixed an issue removing Vero'd items.
  • Fixed an error revising listings.
  • Fixed and issue with Parcel Select
  • eBay doesn't allow removing categories on running listings, so we no longer allow this on the category selector
  • Fixed an issue with the packing list not matching up with the data in the subreport
  • Fixed a calculation error revising quantities on running listings
  • Fixed batch change/bulk edit issues relating to recent addition of VAT percent.
  • Fixed visibilities of upload lists
  • Fixed an issue creating new databases
  • Fixed a small issue with batch edit
  • Fixed an issue with pictures not uploading with allocation plan relists
  • Fixed export of item condition error.
  • Fixed an issue with reuploading images during a reallocation.
  • Fixed an issue when restarting after an upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Populate From" button
  • Fixed an issue opening the email templates when the Invoice Delay field is blank
  • Fixed an issue changing quantity when relisting.


Feb. 18, 2013 1.03.003

This hotfix fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed a problem showing Supplier Name correctly on Sales Analysis window.
  • Fixed a problem with "missing shipments" showing on the Pick List
  • The sales tax report will now not show sales where the buyer is tax exempt.
  • Fixed a problem with "UPS Ground" not showing as a shipping service on packing lists.
  • Fixed a problem with duplicate description information on bidStart descriptions.
Feb. 11, 2013 1.03.002

This hotfix fixes the following issues:

  • Fixed an issue with checking a listing from the Preview window.
  • Fixed an issue editing presets when the preset group was collapsed
  • Fixed a problem with the field list missing in the email template editor
Feb. 1, 2013 1.03.001

This hotfix fixes a date calculation error that occurred when opening the Analysis Window.  It started occurring on Feb. 1, 2013.

Jan. 31, 2013 1.03.000

In this minor level upgrade to 1.03, we continue to work hard to provide the features are users need.  We are introducing several new major features in this version, including support for eBay UK, Canada and Australia, support for Parts Compatibilities, the ability to import item specifics and the ability to customize packing lists.

Support for eBay UK, Canada and Australia

Since each region/country has its own currency and date formats, we have designed SixBit to map a single region to a single database.  For example, if you sell on the US site and UK site,  you will have a database for your US listings (eBay US and bidStart) and a separate database for your eBay UK listings.  You will swap between the databases from Application Menu|Database|Open Database to manage each site.  Since most users only list on one site, this shouldn't be of concern to most users.


Because a database is mapped to a specific region, the region must be chosen at the time the database is created.  For new international users, this selection will occur during the initial installation.  After that point, SixBit will work in much the same way as it works for eBay US.

Support for Parts Compatibilities

eBay Motors Parts and Accessories categories allow for sellers to specify which make/models/etc. a particular part may fit.  With this release of SixBit, we now support the ability to create parts compatibilities from within SixBit.  Please see Using eBay Parts Compatibilities and Defining Compatibility Sets for more information on using Parts Compatibilities.


Flat File Import of Item Specifics


In this release we have added the ability to import item specifics from a flat file.  Since each different category can have different item specifics, we do not list all the possible item specifics names on the import window.  Instead we provide a drop box for you to add item specifics fields.  Simply drop any of your item specifics fields into the dropbox and during the import, if the category for the imported item has that item specific, it will be imported.  Please note that this requires you specify the correct category so SixBit knows which item specifics are valid for the item.  See Item_Specifics_Imports for more information.


Packing List Customization


Recent releases by third party vendors have allowed us to now add the long requested feature of customizable packing lists.  Weknow package a report designer with SixBit that allows users to edit and customize their packing lists.  This report designer is similar to report designers in Microsoft Access and CrystalReports.  Simple changes like moving fields are easy to figure out, but more advanced changes will require knowledge of report designer tools.  See Managing Packing Lists for more information.


Submit Database Server Change


Because of some upgrades to our server infrastructure, database submissions now require version 1.02.080 or later.  Submitting databases with earlier versions will no longer make it to our servers.


In addition to these changes, we have also made the following fixes and enhancements.


  • Added [[ActualShippingCost]] variables to email templates
  • Added the ability to clear the second store category on a revise
  • Added the ability to export pictures during CSV export.  You can now choose a folder to have photos exported to during an export.
  • Added "Low Inventory for Running Listings" view in Sell Items mode
  • Added support for multiline private item specifics
  • Added the ability to change the origin postcode on the postage window
  • Added the ability to reorder Allocation Plans
  • Improved the speed of the item window loading.
  • Improved formatting for UK addresses on mailing labels
  • Fixed an issue with missing buyer names on combined orders in the grid.
  • Fixed and issue with the Sales Tax calculation for Manual Orders.
  • Fixed and issue with the removal of VERO'd items from Check Listings.
  • Fixed an issue with tracking numbers not showing on eBay
  • Fixed an error on the Summary Profit and Loss report that occurred when sales crossed multiple purchase records
  • Fixed an issue with the link from the Listings and Orders grid to the Item through the ItemID
  • Improved program startup time
  • Fixed an error with the incorrect selection of orders after printing postage
  • Fixed an error printing multi label sheets to Dazzle
  • Fixed a problem exporting custom item specifics that had the same name as an eBay Item Specific
  • Fixed a problem with the sort order of packing lists when printed with mailing label sheets.


Nov. 27, 2012 1.02.064

This release contains the following fixes and enhancements:


  • Added a video showing the power of Analysis Tools
  • Added the ability to bulk revise bidStart listings
  • Added 2 more rubber stamps to the postage window
  • Added support for Dymo 99014 mailing labels
  • Import from CSV now supports ReconcileIsDropShipped to specify if new purchases created by a reconciliation should be drop shipped inventory or not.
  • Added support for printing inventory labels on sheet labels (Application Menu|Options|Printers|Inventory Labels)
  • Added an option to choose whether Sales titles use the Product Title or Listing Title (Application Menu|Options|Creating Orders)
  • Added the export of picture URL's during a flat file export.
  • Added the option to resolve variables in Descriptions and Titles during a CSV export
  • Added an option to force picture uploads when revising
  • Export to CSV now allows for specifying "NULL" to export empty strings
  • Fixed an issue importing the picture variation flag on variation items
  • Fixed an issue printing SKU barcodes on inventory labels
  • Fixed an issue displaying field variables that had single quotes in them
  • Fixed an error exporting descriptions to CSV
  • Fixed an issue with Sales Tax not calculating properly in the RemainingDue field
  • Increased the timeout on API calls to fix some issues with automatic emails
  • Fixed a "StatusName" error when exporting from the Analysis Tools
  • Users can now preview inventory labels and select multiple copies
  • Fixed a problem losing snippet data when renaming snippets
  • Fixed an issue with APO customs forms
  • Fixed a "shipping service not selected" error when using local pickup only
  • Fixed a problem restoring a database with the same name to a new computer
  • Fixed a speed issue opening the Items window.
  • Fixed an international categories issue.
  • Fixed an issue importing listings with a restocking fee
  • Fixed a problem specifying local pickup
  • Fixed a problem with site ID's not being set correctly on international listings
  • Fixed a problem with international searches not seeing all fields
  • Fixed an error with the return address on a packing slip
  • Fixed Intl First Class and Intl Priority Envelope customs form printing errors
  • Duplicate item now correctly sets the Created Date and Last Listed Date
  • Fixed missing Address Line 3 fields in mailing labels and packing lists
  • Fixed rotation of customs form CP72
Oct. 19, 2012 1.02.054 (Hotfix)

This hotfix fixes a few small issues in the 1.02.041 release including:


  • Fixed an issue with creating new databases or creating a new import from BT database
  • Fixed issue importing international databases from Blackthorne
  • Added the ability to Revise listings by assigning the Description from the Item Description
  • Added the ability to Revise listings by assigning the Title from the Item Title
  • Fixed an item specific issue in the Jeans category
  • Fixed issues printing inventory and mailing labels
  • Fixed an issue with Orders Analysis not showing P&L for manually created orders
  • Fixed an issue sending feedback reminders
  • Fixed a problem with Sales Tax reports showing cancelled sales
  • Fixed a problem with the order of the images in a variation item.
  • When updating from a CSV, Purchase fields will now be applied whenever there is only 1 purchase record, and not just for new items.
  • Fixed a problem with international orders not being recorded to the proper site
  • Fixed the "DomainLookup" error some users were getting on startup.
  • Fixed the "Error: Input data for tag <Item.ProductListingDetails> is invalid or missing." error.
  • Fixed an issue importing Profile from a flat file


Sept. 25, 2012 1.02.041

This hotfix fixes a few small issues in the 1.02.029 release including:

  • Fixed an issue with the Orders not showing for new installs
  • Fixed a problem with the setting of declining prices in the Allocation Plans
  • Fixed a problem with item specifics only showing 25 items after a forced category synch
  • Fixed an issue with missing items in Available to List, Unlisted on eBay.
Sept. 18, 2012 1.02.029

Batch Change of Items and Listings

In addition to the existing ability to Bulk Revise items and listings, we have now added Batch Change capabilities.  Bulk Edit and Revise currently allow you to edit in the item and listing window and apply the changes to all selected items/listings.  Batch Change allows you to specify values for fields and provides a way to make changes without the item/listing window.  


Batch Changes can be much more powerful than bulk editing.  With Batch Changes, you can:

  • perform search and replace on any text fields including the Description
  • increase/decrease prices by a percentage
  • add, subtract, multiply and divide numeric fields
  • assign the value of a field from the value in another field (i.e set the ProductID to the ItemID)
  • combine changes to leverage the "assign from" feature (i.e. set the BIN Price to the Starting Price + $2.00)
  • save batch change definitions so you can easily apply the same changes in the future


To use batch change, click the arrow under the Edit button in Sell Items or Revise button in Check Listings and choose "Batch Change".  


This version includes the following fixes/enhancements:

  • SQL Authentication values are now sticky to save time switching databases
  • Added an import log to the flat file import
  • Added the ability to save QuickAccess Toolbar changes
  • Added user administration control to editing buyers and purchasing insurance
  • Added administrators ability to hide profile editing
  • Added the ability to choose the Product ID type (UPC, ISBN, EAN, MPN).  This will now be sent to eBay.
  • Added the ability to specify whether pics should be compressed during Blackthorne import
  • Added "First ItemID" to the orders grid
  • Added the ability to export Pictures field via CSV
  • Added the ability to specify "listings per interval" for scheduled listings
  • Enhanced the agent to continue running even when computer goes to sleep
  • Added the ability to force the order of submission when listing
  • Added the ability to set a specific value to the Resize/Brightness/Contrast sliders in the Picture Editor
  • Added the buyer phone number to the address on the Edit Order window
  • Added the ability to enter surcharge for AK, HI and PR for FedEx and UPS
  • Added the new "Restocking Fee" field required by eBay's new Returns Manager
  • Added the ability to search on custom item specifics
  • Added the ability to search on ProductID or SKU from Ship Orders mode
  • Variables in the item title are now resolved in Orders mode, Packing Lists and Pick Lists
  • Fixed an issue sorting and filtering on the First SKU field in Listings/Orders
  • Fixed item specific issues caused by recent eBay changes.  This includes issues in Records, CD's and Books or any category with more than 25 options in the dropdown.  All options are now selectable.
  • Fixed an issue with the "Available to List, Unlisted on eBay" filter
  • Fixed an issue with Item titles in the Pick List
  • Fixed an issue using FedEx Intl Ground to Canada
  • Fixed an issue with the Orders mode not showing the orders
  • Fixed a problem with Allocation Plans relisting store items
  • Fixed some issues with importing custom fields > 255 chars via flat file
  • Fixed a bug bulk changing allocation plans
  • Fixed several small CSV import issues
  • Fixed a problem not marking a bidStart listing as taxable
  • Fixed an error with non-displayable characters in the description causing the listing to fail
  • Fixed errors opening a database introduced in the previous beta
  • Fixed a problem with international priority mail printing to the wrong printer
  • Fixed an issue with items missing from the Relistable for Credit view
  • Fixed a memory leak in the Preview Item window and the Pre Created Wrapper Editor
  • Fixed an issue backing up on one computer and restoring on another
  • Fixed an issue with international addresses on postage
  • Fixed some issues with combining orders
  • Fixed some issues searching on category 1&2 and store category 1&2
July 16, 2012 1.02.002

This hotfix fixes a few small issues in the 1.02.000 release including:


  • We now require users to specify how they use the eBay Custom Label field before importing from eBay.
  • Fixed a problem with the bidStart tab missing on the items window.
  • Fixed an issue with Allocation Plans when both Auction and Fixed Price listings were running.
  • Fixed a problem losing pictures when allocation plan recorded new urls from eBay
July 9, 2012 1.02.000

This version includes the following enhancements:

Allocation Plans

In SixBit 1.2, our Enterprise Edition reaches new heights in automation by being able to

- automatically revise inventory quantities on supported sites to be in synch with your SixBit inventory

- automatically relist items after listings end

- automatically end items when you have run out of inventory

- automatically maintain an available quantity as items sell


All of these actions can occur based on any changes to your inventory including manual changes, changes imported via CSV, or sales on other supported sites.


You can now manage how your item is dispersed to selling sites through our new Allocation Plan feature. You can set  an  Allocation Plan on each item that describes how it should be relisted or revised when your inventory changes. One item can even have separate plans for separate sites.


To help you understand Allocation  Plans and  see them in action, we've created a new video called "Using  Allocation  Plans". You can also view Automatically Allocating Inventory in the User's Guide to learn more.

Variation Inventory Management

VARIATION USERS, PLEASE READ!! If you are a variation seller you must be aware of the implications of this version. Once you load this version, any changes you make to a variation item will result in updating eBay with the inventory quantities that you currently have in SixBit. You should ensure that your inventory quantities are correct before upgrading to this version.  


Another major improvement in this version will affect all sellers of Variation items. Currently, once you list a variation item, there is no good way to manage your inventory and revise inventory on those variations from within SixBit. Starting with this version, the variation inventory on the site will always stay in synch with the  inventory you have in SixBit. This means that all you have to do is add and remove inventory in SixBit and within a few minutes the SixBit Agent will send the  inventory changes to eBay. To make this easier, your variation information will now be displayed on the Edit Listings  window and you will be able to change your inventory directly from that window.

Enhanced Blackthorne Imports

Blackthorne users now have more flexibility and functionality when importing their database into SixBit. When importing from a Blackthorne database, users can now choose whether they want to only import their settings and presets, or if they want to include all of their data, or only data from a certain date. Also, they'll be able to see a count of the  records  that will be imported before the import starts.


Also, when Blackthorne users import from eBay listings, we now read the picture paths encoded in your Blackthorne headers and attempt to import all your pictures from their original location.

Mailing Labels

Prior to this release, users could print labels for their packages only if they were printing their postage or carrier labels.  In this release,  we have added the ability to print mailing labels that aren't tied to a particular carrier.  You can now print address labels and stick them on any envelope or package.  


Enhanced Buyer Messages Processing

The Buyer Messages window will now show all types of messages.  In addition you can now mark buyer messages as having been read.


We've also added other improvements including:


  • Added the ability to dynamically create Variation SKU's based on the ItemID, ProductID or a custom value provided by you at item creation  time.
  • Added the ability to reorder Description Wrappers
  • Improved memory usage during refresh listings
  • Added the ability to import a single item from eBay
  • Added option to import X number of days on Import from eBay
  • Added Search options for Items and Listings using Variations
  • Added option to scale up pictures to meet eBay's upcoming 500 pixel requirement
  • Added option to not change SQL Memory Usage size
  • Added support for importing tab delimited files in addition to comma separated files
  • Added the ability to revise the duration of a listing
  • Added the ability to bulk change the folder
  • Added a [[ShippingPhone]] variable to email templates
  • Added automatic category mapping when eBay changes categories
  • Added the ability to turn off the creation of missing Item Specific values when importing items from eBay. (Options|Refreshes)
  • Added an option to replace vs. append pictures when importing from CSV.
  • Added the first SKU to the Items and Listings grid. Note: for variation items, only the first sku is shown.
  • Added  the ability to cancel orders in bulk. Select the orders, right click and choose Cancel. This will only apply to Awaiting Payment orders.
  • The thumbnails for catalog items will now appear in the grid.
  • Added the ability to change the Packing List layout from within the Packing List preview
  • Added the ability to preview during revisions
  • Added page count to 4x6 packing lists
  • Added buyers country to 4x6 packing lists
  • Improved the ability to remember users version even when internet access isn't available
  • Made agent refreshes faster
  • Added inventory quantities to flat file export
  • Changed  the name of the [[Width]], [[Length]] and [[Depth]] variables  to  [[PackageWidth]], [[PackageLength]] and [[PackageDepth]]
  • To meet eBay's upcoming image requirements of 500 pixels, we have added an option to automatically resize any images to at least 500 pixels when submitting them to EPS. The resulting quality of upscaling a smaller picture will not be as good, but at least it will meet the eBay  requirements until  you can replace the file with a good quality picture of that size.
  • Added the ability to search on ProductID and SKU to the Listings grid.
  • Fixed CSV import LotSize limit
  • Fixed a problem revising the domestic combined shipping rules
  • Fixed a problem not showing variation pictures during revise
  • Fixed a problem with the item condition due to a recent eBay change
  • Changing the Shipping Service on the Postage window now saves the value back to the Shipment.
  • Fixed a problem with the servant stopping when the database connection was lost
  • Fixed a problem listing with UPS Worldwide Supersaver
  • Fixed a problem with the link to USPS Tracking Numbers
  • Fixed a problem importing ProductTitle from Flat file import
  • Fixed a problem importing custom label from Turbo Lister
  • Fixed problem saving negotiated UPS rates from Worldship in the Actual Shipping Cost   
  • Fixed a problem shipping to APO addresses.
  • Fixed a problem with tracking numbers not being submitted in some cases
  • Fixed a problem with combined orders not sending info to eBay properly
  • Fixed an issue with Item Specifics not being set properly when using the navigation arrows on the Item Edit window.


Feb. 28, 2012 1.01.073 This version includes the following fixes/enhancements:

Support for Barcode Readers

In this version we are releasing our support for barcode readers. By installing and setting up a barcode scanner, you will be able to quickly find items and orders simply by scanning the inventory label, sku or order id. To learn how to set up your scanner please see Barcode Scanners for more info.

Ability to Remove the Tagline

Users now have the option to remove the "Powered by" tagline from their listings and emails. We want our customers to be successful and we hope they feel the same way about us. Each subscription is priced to include a $3.00/mo. discount for allowing us to place a "Powered by SixBit" tagline in your listings and emails. This helps build our business and continue to add new and better features for our users. If you do not wish to have the tagline, you can configure your subscription to remove it, but this will remove the discount also. To remove the tagline, logon to your client account on our Support page by selecting "My Account->My Products and Services"and clicking the "Manage" button next to your subscription. Click the"Upgrade/Downgrade Options" and select the option to remove the"Powered by" tagline.

Ability to Reorder Pictures and Reference Pics by URL

Users now have the ability to reorder their pictures more easily. In addition,the option to use images from their native URL without having to upload to your web space has been added. From the Picture Carousel on the Item window, click the new "Manage Pictures" icon (a small gear) to open the Manage Pictures window.


This version also includes the following fixes and enhancements:


  • improved speed of the grid display.
  • added an export to PDF, JPEG, HTML or RTF for reports
  • added an option to have self hosted images appear at the bottom of your listings or not
  • added an option to create snippets without the HTML editor
  • added the ability to turn off the WYSIWYG editor when editing wrappers
  • Blackthorne recently changed the formatof their stored item specifics causing errors on import to SixBit. This versionfixes the import of item specifics from Blackthorne.
  • the Blackthorne import now also brings in the Item Condition.
  • added Notes to the Order grid so you can more readily see your buyerrequests.
  • added the ability to map the Blackthorne Part Number field to either SKU,Storage Location, or Notes
  • added the ability to select a printer for printing integrated customs form labels.
  • added code to strip out extraneous Auctiva code from listings imported from Auctiva
  • added administrator control over whether users can create/manage presets
  • added the ability to create multi-value private item specifics. This will let you create private fields that can display in a dropdown list of checkboxes.
  • added a Cost Adjustment field to record additional expenses on an order record.
  • added a clear button to the Advanced Search window
  • fixed a problem importing variations from Blackthorne
  • fixed a problem storing international addresses with foreign characters
  • fixed a problem with storing First Class tracking ids from Endicia.
  • updated the C++ Redistributable to the SP1 version. This will prompt a newinstall of C++ for most users. It is quite quick though.
  • fixed a problem importing unicode characters from CSV files
  • fixed a problem creating missing listings during a refresh
  • fixed some international first class postage layout issues


Jan. 2, 2012 1.01.054 This version includes the following fixes/enhancements:

Integration with ShipRush for FedEx


Users can now print FedEx carrier labels by installing ShipRush for FedEx on their computers and telling SixBit to use ShipRush to print the labels.  See Setting Up ShipRush for FedEx for more info.


Integration with Endicia's Label Server


Users currently using Endicia will be happy to learn that we now support Endicia's Label Server. This means we communicate directly with the Endicia server on the internet to print postage and no longer need Endicia Dazzle installed on the local computer. This makes printing USPS postage a much more integrated and smooth process.  See Setting Up Endicia for more info.


Added Submission Error Tracking


It's now easier to track items when they fail during submission or revisions. Items that fail will now have a value specified in the new "Submission Error" column. In addition, the background of failed items will appear pink and there are new views on the Views tab to see all items where the "Submission Failed" or "Revision Failed".


The Dashboard also shows entries under the "ToDo List" whenever there are items that failed submission, scheduled submissions, or revisions.


Added Agent Management


Administrators can now turn the Agent on/off on a machine by machine basis. The Agent Administrator can be loaded from Application Menu|Manage|Agent. If you have a dedicated server it will perform agent functions faster than other computers on the network, or even remotely connected computers. Performance will probably be best if you turn the Agent off on any computers that don't have a speedy connection to the database.


Reworked Inventory Counts in Sidebar


In preparation for beginning work on sharing the same inventory on multiple sites, we've begun some rework on the way we report the inventory numbers. First, we've added a new value called "Uncommitted". Uncommitted is the count of all the items you have in your physical inventory minus those that are waiting to ship (committed). It is useful to know how many you actually have that you can still sell.


We've also renamed "Available to List" to "Unlisted". Previously, this value could be negative to indicate that you have listed more than you have. When we allow listing the same inventory on multiple sites, a negative value will be meaningless. Instead, what you really want to know is how many of an item you still have that are unlisted. If you have 10 physical items and have listed all 10 on eBay and 4 on bidStart, the Unlisted value will not be -4, but instead will be 0, indicating that all the items you have are listed.


This version also includes the following fixes and enhancements:


- added the ability to exclude the page count from packing lists (Application Menu|Options|Printers|Packing List)

- added new fields to the Listings grid, including qty remaining, prices, weight, dimensions, bids, hits, etc.

- added the ability to edit Snippets in Pre-Created Description Wrapper mode

- added a mapping from the Shipping Package size in the eBay shipping preset to the postage type on the postage window

- default printer settings have been moved to the Options window.

- fixed a problem with combined orders not combining the shipments

- fixed a problem exporting Description Wrappers and Presets to CSV

- the address is no longer required when adding a new buyer

- previewing in the HTML editor will now show local pictures in addition to uploaded pictures.



Nov. 8, 2011 1.01.023 This version includes the following fixes/enhancements:

Drop Shipper Addon Module

In this version we are releasing our Drop Shipper Addon Module (DSAM). Our Drop Shipper Addon Module is extended functionality available for an additional subscription fee that is designed to make the process of drop shipping easier. With our DSAM, you can record inventory that you have available from drop shippers and when a sale occurs have emails automatically sent to those drop shippers.


A new "Waiting on Drop Shipper" status allows you to easily find and record tracking numbers from your Drop Shippers when they are sent to you. If you are a drop shipper, this could greatly help automate your process.


The fee for the Drop Shipper Addon Module will be an additional $19.99/month.  


 - added the new "Money Back or Exchange" Returns option

 - added support for "XXXX Shipping From Outside US" shipping services

 - added more information to the Pick List so you can see which buyers the items are going to

 - added the ability to preview bidStart items before listing

 - added the ability to choose substatus with Order open

 - added a second packing list message (for return policy etc.)

 - added support for a 4th domestic and 4th and 5th international shipping services.

 - added the ability to choose to "Apply changes to all future listings" when revising a listing. This will make all changes to the listing also occur to the item record.

 - added the ability to delete variation sets

 - added Title and QtySold as fields to be mapped to RubberStamps on postage

 - added the ability to delete all pictures in the context menu of the picture carousel

 - imported descriptions from Blackthorne are now run through our HTML validator

 - items with the same part number in Blackthorne, are now imported as a single item in SixBit.

 - double clicking a Listing will now open it in Revise mode.

 - fixed an error deleting unused profiles

 - fixed a problem bulk revising Description Wrapper, Themes and Presets

 - fixed a problem deleting custom substatuses

 - fixed a problem bulk revising item specifics

 - fixed a problem bulk revising quantity listed

 - fixed a problem refreshing running bidStart listings

 - fixed a problem importing from Blackthorne

 - fixed a problem resolving snippets when editing the description during a revision

 - fixed an issue splitting shipments

 - fixed a problem with new pictures not uploading during revise

 - fixed a problem importing Blackthorne databases with their new version numbering system

 - fixed a problem with bidStart refreshes not creating orders

 - fixed some import from flat file issues.

 - fixed issues printing detail reports on some printers

 - fixed a problem with item specifics and categories being dropped in certain cases

 - fixed a problem double clicking in the grid

 - fixed an issue with marking OTC orders as shipped

 - fixed an issue printing customs forms for APO addresses

 - fixed some inventory count issues importing from Blackthorne

 - fixed a problem with the postage window not closing after printing multiple labels



Sept 13, 2011 1.01.003 This version includes the following fixes/enhancements:

- added the ability to use carriage returns in the return policy

- added the ability to choose "Feature" item specifics from a multi selectable list of checkboxes

- added the ability to bulk change the quantity listed during a listing revise

- fixed a problem with the servant not refreshing

- fixed black bars around images when imported from eBay Picture Services

- fixed a problem finding UPS Worldship

- fixed a problem duplicating bidStart items

- fixed a problem editing existing item templates

Sept 7, 2011 1.01.000 This version includes the following enhancements:
Support for bidStart has been added
Users of the bidStart collectibles site (, now have access to all of the great features previously only available on eBay.  For the first time, bidStart users have one tool that will allow them to manage the entire listing and sales process.  From creating items and uploading images to printing packing lists and postage, bidStart users will now be able to streamline their business processes and sell more in less time.
In addition, current SixBit users selling on eBay have the opportunity to expand into a new selling channel with virtually no effort.  Listing items and processing sales on bidStart works just like it does on eBay.  We invite all SixBit sellers to check out bidStart and see if it is right for you.
To enable bidStart in SixBit, simply go to Application Menu|Options|Sites and check the bidStart box.  You will then be able to add bidStart specific fields on your item records and list to the bidStart site.
Added support for 80 character titles
On Sept 6, 2011, eBay started allowing 80 character titles.  This version now allows you to enter 80 character titles in SixBit.
In addition, it includes the following small additions and bug fixes have been added:

  • added an "Update Only" option to CSV imports
  • added starting price, buy it now price, fixed price and reserve price to items grid
  • added a 4x2 inventory label
  • improved the speed when displaying the Check Listings grid
  • increased the size of the return policy from 500 to 5000 characters.
  • fixed an issue with the low inventory report referencing Available to List instead of Total On Hand
  • fixed a problem with the CSV import/export of Description CSS
  • fixed an issue when filing insurance claims
  • fixed a memory leak in the HTML Editor
  • fixed an issue printing international postage through Endicia
Aug 8, 2011 1.00.094 This version includes the following enhancements:
"Ultimate Edition" renamed to "Enterprise Edition"
To make our edition names more consistent, we are renaming the Ultimate Edition as the Enterprise Edition.  The names of each level now indicate the size of the business that is targeted for that edition.

Answering Buyer Messages (Small Business Edition and higher)


We've also added a way to quickly and easily answer messages from buyers. On the Dashboard, under the "To Do" section, you will see a "Buyer Messages: X" message whenever you have more than 0 buyer messages waiting to be answered. By clicking the notice, it will open a window showing you your questions and allow you to answer them. We've even built in the ability for you to store "Reply Snippets" to save replies to common questions making it even faster to answer questions.
Added a Pick List (Small Business Edition and higher)
In addition to packing lists, users can now print a pick list.  A pick list is a list of all items that you need to ship and is useful to take with you when retrieving inventory for shipment.
Added an Inventory Report  (Small Business Edition and higher)
An inventory report has been added to allow you to see inventory quantities on selected items.
Implemented Dependent Item Specifics
Recently, eBay introduced dependent item specifics in some categories.  A dependent item specific is a value that is dependent upon the value chosen in another item specific.  For example, in Clothing, you choose a Size Type, and then based on the size type applicable sizes are allowed.

Additional Packing List Customization

In this version, we have modified and increased the options for printing packing lists. You can now choose whether you want portrait or landscape packing lists on the "Manage Postage and Packing Lists" window, and then on the print window, you can choose a color scheme and even modify the buyer message on a sheet by sheet basis.


Also, we have added a 4x6 packing list format so that packing lists can be printed on Zebra labels.


Database Memory Optimization

On older machines with limited memory, SQL Server can use a large portion of the resources and make other applications slower. We've added the ability to limit the amount of memory that SQL Server will use to reduce this affect. From the Options window, select the "Performance" tab to adjust the memory and find a setting that works best for you.

In addition, it includes the following small additions and bug fixes have been added:

  • Added icons next to the category selector to allow entering a category number or link to the category on the site.
  • Buyer messages are now saved in order notes.
  • Added the ability to print postage for the new USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelopes
  • Added a new shipping mapping (USPS Calculated by SixBit) that automatically assigns shipping service based on weight and package size for USPS.

  • Improved memory usage for users listing with lots of images in the database

  • Added an option to not check for images before submissions (Options|Pictures|Upload Verification)

  • Added the ability to add variation stock in bulk (right click variations, choose Add Stock)

  • Added the ability to update the quantity listed when revising a listing.

  • Added support for printing postage labels on Avery 5162 labels (choose a label size of 6 x 4 in the Manage Printing window for postage labels)

  • Previously pictures could only be autonamed as they were added from a scanner or webcam. We have added the option to autoname them as they are added to the database. From the Picture Editor, click the dialog launcher arrow in the lower corner of the "Acquire" group to set this new option.

  • We now save the actual shipping values in SixBit when postage is printed on eBay

  • Existing users can bypass entering startup info when moving to another computer or installing on second computer.

  • Added a Recreate Order feature (right click an order and choose Re-create order)

  • Added "Passive" setting to FTP options to fix an upload problem for some users

  • Made the ProductID copy/pasteable on the Shipment grid when editing orders

  • Pictures from a Blackthorne import are no longer resized

  • Fixed issues with automatic feedbacks being sent and recorded

  • Fixed a problem recording actual shipping for Moneybookers payments

  • Fixed a problem automatically notifying eBay of Tracking Numbers after printing postage.

  • Fixed problem printing postage to APO/FPO addresses

  • Fixed a problem importing Turbo Lister pics from a URL

  • Fixed a problem importing TL pictures in the wrong order.

  • Fixed an issue with duplicate line items on the packing list.

  • Fixed an error assigning variations to an item.
  • Fixed a problem printing USPS international postage customs forms
  • Fixed a problem revising Listing Designer Template on running listings


May 17, 2011 1.00.062 This version includes the following enhancements:
Flat File Import/Export Enhancements
The flat file import/export feature has been enhanced to include importing/exporting pictures, store categories, folders,  item specifics defined at the outermost level, and allow for the import or adjustment of inventory levels.  Please see Importing from a Comma Separated Values Flat File and Exporting to a Comma Separated Values File for more information.

Management of Presets


You can now rename, duplicate, delete and re-order presets from a common location. Under Application Menu|Manage you will now find options to manage the presets. In addition, you will find the ability to edit Description Wrappers under the Manage button. While entering presets on an item there is also a new "Manage Preset" icon that you can click to quickly load the preset management window.  For more information, see Managing Presets.


Custom Statuses


We are very pleased to announce that this release includes the ability for Small Business Edition users and above to create custom statuses. With custom statuses, you can mimic your workflow right within the SixBit process. You can create workflow statuses for creating items (i.e. "Description Complete", "Pictures Entered", etc.) or statuses for processing Orders (i.e. "Waiting for Engraving", "Waiting for Supply"). No matter how you do business, you can now mimic it with SixBit. Those of you who are Blackthorne users know we talked about adding this for years, but it wasn't feasible with that architecture. We are happy to say that we now offer it in SixBit, and we don't know of any other software package offering this feature.


Initially, SixBit comes with "On Hold" statuses that allow you to place items or orders on hold while you are waiting for something. You can continue to customize from that point by renaming the "On Hold" status or adding/reordering statuses. Just right click any custom status to get a context menu of options.  See Using Substatuses for more information.


Retired Status


We have also added a "Retired" status to the items mode. After listing items, they previously went into the "Previously Listed" status where you could list them again in the future. If you have items that you know you will never list again, you can now drag them into the "Retired" status so you don't have to view them while you are looking at your working inventory.  See Using Item Status for Workflow for more information.


Batch Intervals for Scheduled Listings


Currently, you can schedule items singly with an interval. That means each item will list with a period of time between each one. We have now introduced "batch intervals". With batch intervals, you can select multiple items and choose to have every item listed for each interval during the batch. For example, if you had 50 items you wanted listed at 9:00AM every day, you could select the 50 items, choose 30 copies and choose the "Interval Type" of "Batch" and an interval of 1 day, and you would get all 50 items scheduled each day for the next 30 days. This becomes a very powerful way to schedule many listings.  See Submitting Listings to eBay for more information.


Generic Shipping Service Mappings


We have recently added some time saving features to the selection of shipping services. In addition to that, we have added the ability to map generic shipping services to USPS or UPS shipping services when loading the Postage window. Previously, whenever you list an item on eBay using a generic shipping service (like Standard Shipping or Economy Shipping) and then try to print the postage in the Postage window, you would have to select the USPS or UPS service to use in place of the generic service. We now offer you the ability to set up mappings so you don't have to enter them manually anymore. In other words, you can indicate that whenever a buyer chose Standard Shipping, the Postage window can automatically change that to something like USPS Priority Mail.


To set up your mappings, click the "Mappings" icon next to the Shipping Service "Type" label in the Postage window. On the "Shipping Service Mappings", choose a generic service and its associated "real" service.  See Mapping Generic Shipping Services for more info.


PasteHTML Feature


The WYSIWYG HTML editor requires compliant HTML and when it does not get it, it will try to fix it. This can result in blocks of duplicated code. To resolve this, we have added a "Paste HTML" button to the Advanced Editor toolbar. Using the Paste HTML feature will run the HTML through a processor to clean it up before adding it to the editor. This will eliminate most issues with duplicated text in the descriptions.


In addition, we have made the following fixes/improvements:

  • added padded and legal envelopes for USPS Priority and Express
  • added new date fields to Email Templates i.e. [[Today]], [[Tomorrow]] etc.
  • enhanced the selection of shipping services/types on the Postage window to make data entry faster
  • added the ability to set the backup time (Options|Backup)
  • fixed issues with the automatic backups not being made, or made in the wrong location.
  • fixed various issues importing data from Blackthorne
  • fixed various issues importing variation data
  • fixed an issue with data not properly revising on eBay
  • fixed category selector issues when navigating between items
  • fixed an EmptyDataItem error combining orders
March 21, 2011 1.00.043
This version includes the following enhancements:

Combine Orders

Users can now combine orders.  If the order is still combinable on the eCommerce site then SixBit will send the information to the site to combine the orders on the site as well.  If the orders are not combinable on the site, you can still combine them locally in SixBit to allow for shipping multiple orders in the same shipment.

Added More Packing List Options

You can now choose from two different styles of packing lists, and add your own message.   Choosing a packing list style can be performed from the Manage Packing List and Postage window, and custom packing list messages can be set on your profiles.  This allows you to have a different packing list message with each business.

Edit Custom Searches

In the previous version, we released the ability to create custom searches.  In this version you can now modify previously created custom searches.

Added Postage Mappings

You can now map fields, text or snippets to several fields in the Postage window including the Customs Description, Endicia Rubber Stamp fields and Reference fields.


Added a New Grid Layout


In addition to the formatted grid, and the 3D view of your data, we have also added a new compact grid view. The compact grid view will show more rows than the formatted grid, and will also show data for all available columns. You can view the compact grid by selecting the new icon in the upper right corner of the grids next to the formatted grid and 3D view icons.


Upload Lists


In this version, we are introducing upload lists. Currently, you create items and then later, when you upload them you specify the listing type. Many of you have asked for the ability to specify the listing type when you create them so you will know how to list them later. To solve this problem, we are introducing Upload Lists. You can think of an upload list as a substatus of Awaiting Upload. An upload list for each site and listing type will be automatically created for you, but you can create your own upload lists also.

Here is how it works. When you are finished creating an item in the item window, you can use the "Ready to Upload" dropdown button to select how you want to upload the item in the future. You can specify it as an eBay Fixed Price or eBay Auction. Later when other sites are available, you can specify them as well. Once specified, you will see them appear in the upload lists that are just below the Awaiting Upload status. Upload Lists are different than statuses though because an item can be in more than one list at a time. If you want to list it as an eBay Fixed Price and an eBay Auction, or even as an Etsy Auction later, you can drag it into as many upload lists as you'd like.  When it comes time to list your items, just choose an upload list, use Ctrl-A to select all the items and upload them using the appropriate listing format.  By right clicking in the Upload List area, you can even create your own lists such as "List as eBay Fixed Price on Friday".


User Interface Changes to the Sidebar

To make room for the new Upload Lists and the upcoming substatuses in Sales, we have reorganized the left hand sidebar. Statuses, Repository and Views will no longer be displayed stacked vertically, but rather they will be separate tabs in the sidebar. The end result is a much cleaner look and feel and provides us with the necessary screen real estate to grow into the future.


In addition, we have made the following fixes/improvements:

  • added a PictureGallery variable to the HTML editor to allow users to easily include a Picture Show type view of their pictures.
  • added support for FedEx shipping services on eBay
  • reformatted the shipping services dropdown to look like eBays selection
  • added a Notes field to the Item window
  • added a Private auction option to the Item window
  • added Description specific CSS to the Description Editor
  • added links from tracking number to shipping site
  • added bulk copy of addresses from Ship Orders mode
  • no longer upload pictures if they have already been uploaded.
  • made refreshes faster

  • made "Relistable" query faster
  • fixed several Turbo Lister import issues
  • fixed a bug where PayPal fees were not retrieved
  • fixed a problem some users had creating backups
  • fixed a problem editing item templates
  • fixed a memory leak in the Picture Editor
  • fixed a problem opening the HTML editor.

  • fixed several import from flat file issues.

  • fixed an issue using UPS Ground shipping

  • fixed several issues importing from BT

  • fixed a problem selecting 3rd level store categories.

February 3, 2011 1.00.038 This version includes the following fixes/enhancements:

- added the ability to make quick changes to a preset and save as a custom setting

- added ability to copy buyers address to the clipboard

- added Next/Previous buttons to Item Edit window to speed up editing

- added an "Available to List, Currently Unlisted" view on items to help find items that aren't listed
.- submitting an item now allows you to choose "Auction" vs. "Auction w/ BIN"
- the group/filter dropdown settings are now saved with each status/view selection.
- the listing type/duration values in the submit window are now sticky
- added a button to enter inventory on the Item Window
- after editing an item, control is turned back over to the user faster
- Storage Location has been added to the packing list

- scheduling an item will now move it to the Item Repository

- fixed a problem with multiple orders being created for the same order
- cancelling Endicia will no longer close the postage window, so users will be able to make changes and reload Endicia more easily.
- fixed an error revising the eBay theme on a listing

- fixed a problem with the Picture Host setting not saving in Item Templates

- check item now uploads pictures and includes picture related fees in the total

- fixed an error with not connecting to some email servers

- fixed a problem not getting all orders on initial import

- fixed several issues importing TL CSV files

- fixed a problem with pictures being uploaded in the wrong order

- fixed a problem with copy/pasting addresses

- fixed a problem where Item Templates did not show

- fixed a problem with secure FTP connections not connecting

- fixed a problem Item Specifics in the Coins categories

- fixed a problem retrieving proper variation in the order

- fixed a problem with views not refreshing after submitting items

- fixed a problem losing categories on bulk edit

January 20, 2011 1.00.034 This version adds the following features:
Advanced Search and Saved Views
At the top of each grid, you will find an "Advanced Search" link.  This search allows you to create complex searches.  In the Small Business Edition and above, these searches can be saved as Views giving you the ability to create your own custom views of your data for different tasks.  You can learn more about the Advanced Search at Searches and Saved Views.
Import from CSV Flat File
You can now import data from comma separated values (CSV) files.  Our import allows you to map fields from a CSV into the SixBit database fields, and then save the mapping for future use.  If you provide an itemid, productid or sku in your CSV for an existing item, then the import will act as an update instead.  To learn more about importing from a CSV, go to Importing from a Comma Separated Values Flat File.
Also, the following fixes were made:
- fixed an object reference error in the Sales tax report.
- added some missing shipping services
- added SSL support for ftp hosts
NOTE: By using the Advanced Search, you can search for all items where the "Product Title" ... "is duplicated".  This can help you identify duplicate items that may be causing you to list duplicates on eBay.
December 20, 2010 1.00.029 Latest beta release of SixBit's eCommerce Solution
November 24 , 2010 1.00.021 Initial beta release of SixBit's Small Business and Ultimate Editions
The Small Business and Enterprise Editions include the following new features.

Print USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail Postage at Reduced Rates

We are very excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to save on your USPS expedited postage. We've teamed up with Express 1 to allow our users to print USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail postage at extremely low rates.  Depending upon your volume, your savings could easily pay for your SixBit subscription.  If you use USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail, I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to understand what we can offer you.  Please see our Discounted USPS Shipping with Express One FAQ for all the details.

Inventory Management

You can now keep track of how many items you have and where they are listed.  Our inventory management feature helps you keep track of inventory shrinkage (lost/stolen/broken items) as well as the ability to quickly and easily reconcile your inventory.  See Managing Inventory for more information.

Private Item Specifics

Private item specifics act like regular item specifics with the exception that they are not sent to the eCommerce site.  This allows you to store private custom information about an item the same way you add your item specifics.  This is similar to custom fields in other programs, but far more powerful, since you can create different custom fields for different types of items.  See Private_Item_Specifics for more information.

Picture Editor

A picture editor with all of the common editing functions has been integrated to make working with your pictures easier.  It includes cropping, rotating, resizing, autoleveling, brightness and contrast changes as well as automatic watermarks.  It also includes the ability to take acquire pictures from your camera directly into your item records.  Simply connect your camera to a USB port, and use the "Acquire from Device" feature to view a window that sees what your camera sees.  Click a button to take a picture which is immediately stored into your database.  You don't have to worry about confusing names or moving pictures between your hard drive and camera anymore.  This feature alone could save you hours every month.  See Managing Pictures on an Item and Using the Picture Editor for details on opening the picture editor and its features.

Free Scheduling

You can now tell SixBit when you would like your items listed and when the requested time comes, the SixBit Agent will list it for you in the background.  The only requirement is that your computer is on and connected to the internet when the specified time occurs.  See Submitting Listings to eBay for more information.

Importing Data from eBay Blackthorne

eBay Blackthorne databases can easily be imported to help users migrating from Blackthorne get off to a running start.  See Importing_from_eBay Blackthorne for more information.

Employee Accounts

You can now create multiple employee accounts (up to 5 in Small Business, or unlimited in Ultimate) each with their own set of permissions.  You can now prevent some or all of your employees from seeing sensitive data or having access to powerful features. See Multiple Users for more information.

Packing Lists

You can now print packing lists for one or more orders simultaneously.  Packing lists, like postage labels are printed in the order the records were selected in the grid, so you will be able to easily match up packing lists to their respective postage labels.  Packing lists include the logo from the profile of the seller account that sold the item to make it more personalized.  See Printing Packing Lists for more information.

Postage and Carrier Labels

If you use Endicia Dazzle to print USPS postage, or UPS Worldship to print UPS carrier labels, you will be able to take advantage of our postage and carrier label integration.  Print your labels and postage directly from SixBit with just a button click.  See Printing Postage and Carrier Labels for more information.


We've added built-in emails for sending Invoices, Payment Acknowledgements, Shipping Notifications and Feedback Reminders.  All email templates are customizable, and in the Small Business version and above, you can even create your own custom emails as well as send the built-in emails automatically.  Managing Emails for more information.

Automatic Random Feedbacks

SixBit can automatically leave a random feedback from your feedback messages list.  No need to worry about leaving feedbacks anymore.  See Leaving Feedback for more information.

Order Management

Built-in features allow you to easily cancel orders, process returns, and record missing shipments while maintaining accurate inventory information.  You can also split orders into multiple shipments to help you save on shipping costs or ship to different addresses.  See Processing Orders for more information.


We are very excited about all the new features and are looking forward to your input on how to improve and expand upon them.  We know that you are the single, most important source of ideas and inspiration for our products, and are anxious to hear your comments, suggestions and criticisms.


June 23, 2010 1.00.000 Initial beta release of SixBit's Home and Hobby Edition