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Saving Settings for Future Use

The Listing Upgrades tab, Payments tab, Shipping tab, and Allocation Plan tabs each allow you to save all the settings within the tab under a named collection called a preset.  By saving all the settings as a preset, it becomes easy to switch between different collections.


To save settings as a preset:

  1. Select <Manual> from the Settings Collection drop down.

  2. Fill in all the fields in a group with the values that will be used again in the future.


  1. Click the Save icon next to the Settings Collection drop down.

  1. The Settings Collection drop down will become a field that can be edited.  Enter a Settings Collection name. Try to use a meaningful name.  For instance, a Listing Upgrade Settings Collection that has Bold and Gallery Plus checked could be called "Bold, Gallery Plus".  Likewise, a Shipping Settings Collection designed for shipping fragile items might be called "Fragile Shipping".

  2. Press Enter or tab out of the field.  The settings are now disabled, which indicates that a Settings Collection is being viewed.  To make changes, edit the Settings Collection must be selected.