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Selecting Rows in a Grid

As an automation tool, SixBit is designed to allow you to perform operations on multiple items, listings, orders, etc. at the same time.  To do this, you will select all the rows that you want to perform the operation on in a grid and then run the requested feature.



To select a row in the grid:

Click anywhere in the row.  This includes the row selector to the far left of a row, or the picture thumbnail.  



To select all rows in a grid:

With keyboard or mouse focus on the grid, click Ctrl-A.



To select a group of rows that are next to each other:

  1. Select the first row in the group.
  2. Hold down the Shift key while you select the last row in the group.




To select multiple rows that aren't next to each other:

  1. Select an item.
  2. Hold down the Control key while you select additional items.