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Sending Invoices

Invoices request payment from the buyer.  If your buyers tend to pay immediately or if your eCommerce site sends out invoices automatically, then you may not need this functionality.  In that case, you can hide the Invoice button from the interface by following the instructions in Customizing Invoices.


You may also want to customize the text of your invoice to make it more personal.  Customizing Invoices also explains how to edit the Invoice Email Template.


If you would like to send out invoices, you may send them manually or automatically.  Invoices can be sent out automatically a specified number of hours after the sale.  See Customizing Invoices for information on setting up automatic invoices.




To manually send invoices:

  1. Open the Ship Orders mode.      How?
  2. From the grid, select the orders in the Awaiting Payment status that you would like to send the email to.  
  3. In the Email group in the ribbon bar, click the Invoice button to open the Email Preview window.  An email for each order will be generated and displayed.   You can edit the email if you want to modify it from the original template.
  4. Click Send or Send All to send the email(s).