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Setting Up Endicia

A company called Endicia provides the ability to print USPS postage right from your computer.  They offer two different ways to do this,which includes using their online tool called the Endicia Label Server or with an older desktop tool that they still support called Dazzle.  Both tools are the same price.  The Basic Label Server or the Premium Subscription for Dazzle are needed and they are both $15.99/month.


Using the Endicia Label Server (ELS) is much easier and more efficient than using Dazzle.  To use the label server, all you need to do is enter the Endicia Account ID and Passcode and SixBit can interact with Endicia, using the internet,  to print postage.  If Dazzle is used, you must have Dazzle installed on your computer. Each time postage is printed, SixBit will load Dazzle and send the information to print the postage.


In almost all cases, Endicia Label Server should be used since it will print the postage faster and you will not need to concerned with software installation, setup and having to see Dazzle load each time you print postage.  However, Dazzle does provide some functionality that you cannot currently get through the ELS.  For instance, if you want to customize the layout of your label or if you want to print a label size other than 4"x6" or 6"x4", you will have to use Dazzle.


To get started, first sign up with Endicia.  If you choose to use Dazzle, then you must download and install Dazzle per Endicia's instructions.  Once the sign-up and installation are complete, inform  SixBit that you will use Endicia  to print postage.   


To sign up for the Basic Endicia Label server, click here.


To sign up for a Premium Subscription and download Dazzle, click here.



To turn on Endicia integration in SixBit:

  1. Open the Ship Orders mode.        How?
  2. Click the dialog launcher arrow in the lower right corner of the Prepare group to open the Manage Postage window.


  1. Select either Endicia Label Server, or Endicia Dazzle under the United States Postal Service header.
  2. If Endicia Label Server is chosen, an Endicia Account ID and Pass Phrase (provided by Endicia) must be entered..
  3. If the items are shipped via USPS Priority Mail or Express Mail, it is highly  recommended to also subscribe to Express One.  If both are subscribed to, SixBit will automatically use the lower priced option when printing USPS postage.  The same exact label will be received as if it were being printed through Endicia, only there will be a 10-20 cent or more savings per label.