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Setting Up Inventory Handling Rules

Whether you choose to track inventory or not, purchase and sales records will be automatically created to keep inventory synchronized.  This will allow you to turn on inventory tracking for an item at any time in the future and it will already have complete purchase history records.


In order to keep inventory straight, SixBit does not allow you to list items until a purchase record is created for the item.  After all, if you are listing it, you had to acquire it somehow, so a record of that purchase should be made.  Rather than force you to manually create a purchase record each time, you can elect to have the purchase records created automatically by setting up Inventory Handling Rules.




To set up inventory handling rules:

  1. Open the SixBit Options.     How?
  2. Select the Inventory tab.


  1. You will need to specify how you want to handle situation where you do not have enough inventory to perform an action.  This may include submitting items, revising the quantity of a listing, creating replacement shipments, etc.  You have the following options:
Option Description
Automatically cancel the submission This will cancel the operation and will prevent you from listing items you do not have.
Go ahead and create a purchase record This will assume that you have the item and will go ahead and create a purchase record for you.  Note that it will not be able to enter the cost or the supplier, so you may want to fill that info in later.
Ask me how to handle each case This option will ask if you want to abort, create an automatic purchase record, or allow you to fill in your own purchase record info.