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Setting Up ShipRush for FedEx

ShipRush is a company that provides software for printing different types of postage.  SixBit has integrated with ShipRush's FedEx version to allow users to easily print FedEx carrier labels from within SixBit.   When ShipRush for FedEx is installed, SixBit can interact directly with it to print  FedEx labels.


To use ShipRush for FedEx, you must have a FedEx shipper account.   Contact FedEx for more information on getting a shipper account.  ShipRush for FedEx is available at .


Once ShipRush for FedEx has been downloaded and installed, according to ShipRush's instructions, tell SixBit that you want to use ShipRush for FedEx to print carrier labels.



To turn on ShipRush for FedEx integration in SixBit:

  1. Open the Ship Orders mode.         How?
  2. Click the dialog launcher arrow in the lower right corner of the Prepare group to open the Manage Postage window.


  1. On the left, select ShipRush for FedEx as the FedEx integrated partner, enter your ShipRush license key, then click OK to close.  The Postage Window will now allow FedEx to be selected as an option to print carrier labels.