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Setting an Item as a Consignment

When you receive an item for consignment you will need to enter it into SixBit along with information about your consignor.  Creating a consignment item will be very similar to creating a regular item.  The only difference is when you enter the inventory, you will be identifying a consignor instead of a supplier, and then you will flag the item as a consignment item along with its applicable consignment plan.




To add a Consignment Item:

  1. Open the Sell Items mode.     How?
  2. From the Create tab on the ribbon bar, click the top of the split Add button.  You could also click the arrow under the Add button and choose (Default).    


  3. An empty item window will appear.  You will fill in the item record just as you would with any other item as described in Entering Item Data with the following differences.
  4. When entering the item inventory from the Add Stock or Manage Purchase Records buttons your supplier will be your consignor.  You can create a new supplier record for your consignor if they have not already been added to your database.  When entering the Consignor info, check the Consignor? box and enter the Default Consignment Plan for this consignor.


  1. On the Item Window, check the Consigned box and enter the Consignment Plan for the item.  If you have chosen the consignor when entering the inventory, the default consignment plan will already be entered for that consignor.


You can now list the item.  When it sells, the selected consignment plan will be associated with the sale to calculate the payout.  You will then be able to change the consignment plan on the sale if required without changing the consignment plan on the item.