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Shipping an Order

The hardest part of shipping an order is the actual boxing it up and shipping it.  Unfortunately we can't incorporate any automatic software features to do this for you, but we can make tracking the process simpler.


Before shipping an order it may be necessary to split the order into multiple shipments to make shipping easier or cheaper.   You might also have to just cancel an order if the buyer never pays for the item.


If you use a drop shipper, then you don't actually have to ship the items yourself, but you will have to record tracking information from your drop shipper.


Once an item is shipped, you may want to send a shipping notification to your buyer.  This can be done manually or automatically when you mark an order as shipped.  Marking an order as shipped can also perform other automated tasks such as leaving feedback and moving the order into the "Fulfilled" status.


Unfortunately, there are times when an order doesn't arrive and you need to record the missing shipment and send out a new one.  You might also need to process returns.


Shipping an order can involve any of the following processes.