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Splitting and Combining Shipments

Some eCommerce sites, like eBay, will automatically combine all the sales to the same buyer into an order.  This is very helpful in keeping track of what you have to ship and who you have to ship it to.


All items that are combined however, are also combined into a single shipment.  In most cases, this is fine, but sometimes you may need to spread the items across multiple shipments.  Reasons for splitting an order into multiple shipments include:



The good news is that SixBit allows you to easily split items in an order into multiple shipments.  Once they are split into multiple shipments, you can then print separate packing lists, postage labels, and even purchase separate shipping insurance.


If you mistakenly create multiple shipments, you can easily recombine them as well.



To split a shipment:

  1. Open the Ship Orders mode.      How?
  2. Select the Awaiting Payment or In Process status.  You can only split shipments before they have been flagged as shipped.

  3. From the grid, select the order that you would like to split.


 You can use the filter row or automatic filtering to quickly locate the order based on the buyers name or other information. The filter row will allow you to enter a name or other information to search for, and automatic filtering will allow you to choose from a list of names.
  1. Double-click the row or click the Edit Order button to open the order record.
  2. Click the Duplicate Shipment (plus_16.png) button to create a new empty shipment.  A new empty shipment will appear below the original.  The Ship To address, and Shipping method will default to the same as in the original shipment, but may be changed.


  1. Drag and drop any items from the original shipment into the new shipment.   Some of the fields in the grid can be copied, so they can't be used to drag.  You must select a field that can't be copied (like Variations or Extended Price)  in order to drag an item record.  


  1. The Ship To address is actually a dropdown list of all previously recorded addresses for the buyer.  If the new shipment should be sent to a different address, you can choose it from the Ship To dropdown.  If the address does not exist, then you can use the New Address (New.jpg) icon to create it first.


  1. Enter the Shipped By method for the new shipment if it is different.  
  2. Adjust any other fields as required.  
The weight fields are adjusted as you move items between shipments, but you may need to modify them slightly to make allowances for the packing materials.
  1. You now have separate shipment records for each shipment.  You can use the buttons above the list of items in each shipment to print packing lists, print postage, or purchase insurance for each individual shipment.




To combine a shipment:

  1. When viewing the Edit Order window with multiple shipments, click the Combine Shipments (combine_16.png) icon above the shipment that you want all other shipments to be combined into.
  2. If the addresses or shipping methods for the shipments are different, you will be asked to select which ones you want to use for the combined orders.  Select the preferred values and click OK.



  1. Click the Delete Shipment  (delete_16.png) icon above the empty shipments to remove them.