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Using eBay Item Specifics

objects_128.pngWhen buyers are shopping on eBay, they tend to have an idea of what they are looking for.  If they are looking for clothing or shoes, they usually know a size and style.  When looking for movies, they might have a certain genre in mind, and when buying electronics they may prefer a certain brand over all the rest.  


When listing your items, you will want to make sure that you include all of the specific information about your items so more buyers see your items when they do a search.  At one time, all of this information had to be in your listing description.  This wasn't really very efficient.  It was very easy for sellers to forget information, or misspell words, or maybe they just didn't describe the item in the same words most buyers look for.


To solve this problem, eBay introduced Item Specifics.  With Item Specifics, eBay creates a pre-defined list of all of the related properties of an item and lets the sellers select from pre-defined values.  Likewise, the buyer now has a rich search tool that allows them to pick and choose the exact size 8, green, evening dress to wear to their St. Patricks Day party this year.


To get the most benefit from Item Specifics and give you the best chance to make a sale, you should fill in all item specifics as completely as possible when creating your items.  eBay knows that they may not have thought of everything, so in addition to the predefined item specifics and values they allow you to create your own custom item specifics.



 Click here to view the "Mastering Item Specifics in SixBit" video.