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Using eBay Parts Compatibilities

To be successful when selling items on eBay, a good description of the item, along with the use of keywords and/or item specifics that will help buyers find your items are necessary. There are some types of items, however, that may be very difficult to fully describe in your listing because of the large amount of information that you would need to include.  


The most common example of this is automotive and motorcycle parts.  Many parts can fit many different makes and models of a vehicle and it could take hours to enter the text to describe all of the different permutations of vehicles that a part may fit.  To solve this problem, eBay created Parts Compatibilities.  


With the Parts Compatibilities feature, you can specify the permutations of vehicles that a part will fit in a compact table of information and  send that table to eBay with your listing.   eBay will then provide buyers with a search tool to specify the make/model/etc. of their vehicle to help them find your item.   This makes it much easier for a buyer to find a carburetor that fits their 1973 Dodge Coronet.


To use parts compatibilities in SixBit, you have the option to specify custom compatibilities for an item, choose compatibilities from the eBay catalog of parts, or use a compatibility set that you have previously created.