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Using the Picture Editor

Everyone knows that good quality pictures help an item sell, but getting pictures into your listing can be one of the more time consuming tasks a seller has to deal with.  There are many different ways users handle pictures, which usually involves connecting a camera to copy pictures or copying them from a memory card with very obscure names.  Frequently, users will process the images in a picture editor that usually has many more features to navigate through than are necessary.  Since pictures from cameras these days are very large, they need to be scaled and compressed. Then finally they are ready to be added to a listing program and uploaded.


SixBit has streamlined this process for eCommerce sellers.  Since pictures are stored in the database, you can add them directly from the camera and do not have to worry about confusing file names any more.  In the Small Business edition, you can even acquire images directly from a webcam while pictures are being taken.  As they are added to the database, they are automatically compressed to give you the best quality with the fastest load time. In addition, you can choose to have your pictures automatically watermarked and provide a default naming scheme.  


The integrated picture editor is also tailored to eCommerce sellers.   It isn't bloated with tons of image effects and processing that you don't need.  It sticks to the basics: crop, rotate, scale, brightness, contrast, etc.



To edit a picture in the picture editor:

  1. While editing an item, navigate to the desired picture in the carousel and then double-click the picture carousel.  




Double-click any row in the Pictures grid on the Item window.




Select any item in the Pictures grid on the Item Window and click the Edit icon in the toolbar.


  1. Perform any of the following tasks from the options in the left hand sidebar:


Action Description


Resize the image to a specific pixel size or by a percentage.

Resize Canvas

Resize the canvas that the image is displayed on.  This could give the effect of a border that would allow you to draw text or lines on.

Rotate 90, 180, 270

Rotate the image

Round Corners

Round the corners.  This could allow creation of images with slightly rounded corners all the way to perfectly round images.  A border can also be added.

Flip Horizontal

Flip the image horizontally.

Flip Vertical

Flip the image vertically.


Select an area of the image to be cropped.

Draw Text

Draw text on the image.  This is useful to add notes or point out parts of the image that are important.

Hue Shift

If the camera did not catch the colors correctly, Hue Shift can adjust them.


Saturation can also adjust the amount of color in the picture.


Adjust the contrast and brightness of the image

Invert Colors

Invert the colors for a special effect


Sharpen the image


Blur the image.


Draw lines on the image.  This is useful to circle or draw arrows on the image to point out things that are important.

Record Macro

Records any changes made while recording so these operations may be repeated on other images

Stop Recording

Stop recording the macro

Play Macro

Run the macro on the image

Manage Macros

Opens the Manage Macros window where users can Rename, Delete, or re-order their saved image macros