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    John Manning
    John Manning

    We’ve received reports of eBay Orders not coming in starting on 3/18/2020. After testing here, Orders appear to refreshing normally. We don’t see any current site issues listed for the eBay API, but it looks like a temporary server issue occurred on 3/18/2020.

    To bring in the missing Orders, set the Refresh Order date back to  3/17/2020 in File|Options|Refreshes, Refresh Dates tab. You’ll need to do this for all eBay Seller Accounts. After the dates are set, run File|Refresh|Quick Refresh to bring in the Orders since that date.

    After that completes, verify that your Orders came in. If this is the case, head back to File|Options|Refreshes, Refresh Dates tab and set the Listing Date back  to 3/17/2020 as well. The Agent should pick this up and refresh Listings in the background to catch any that ended without Sales during that time period.

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