The ability to tightly integrate SixBit with existing processes sets it apart from online tools.

Import from Existing Channels 

To get up and running quickly, current items, listings and sales can be imported directly from eBay or Amazon.

SixBit can also import Turbo Lister files for easy conversion.

Import/Export Data 

Our high powered mapping tool makes it easy to import or export items and inventory from any Excel or CSV file.  

SixBit API 

Our SixBit API exposes a programmable interface allowing developers to create applications that can put or get data in and out of SixBit.

Automatic processing of requests an also be accomplished simply by dropping an XML file into a special folder.

SQL Server Database 

All data is stored locally on your computer or server in a SQL Server database.  Developers have open access to the database to allow for the creation of any queries, reports, or procedures to add or retrieve data from the database.