Turbo Lister Lifeline

In June of 2017, eBay will no longer be supporting Turbo Lister.  If you are a Turbo Lister user, this has very likely left you confused, concerned and a bit unsure about the future of your business.  We want you to know that we understand and are here to help.

We'll be here with videos, documentation and support to help you migrate as well as some special pricing to ease the pain.

The Obvious Choice for Turbo Lister Users

Making a decision on what software to migrate to shouldn't be taken lightly.  We've written a white paper on why we think SixBit is your best option.

Desktop Based

SixBit is the last viable seller tool left that will run on the desktop.  Enjoy the speed and data security that only a desktop application can provide.


Listings can be organized by folders, just like in Turbo Lister.  You can also organize them by workflow too.

First 30 Days Free

You won't be charged anything during your first 30 days giving you plenty of time to get up to speed.

Work Offline

Create listings offline.  Don't let slow connections or limited bandwidth slow you down.

Import Everything

SixBit is one of the few tools that has a direct import from Turbo Lister CSV files allowing you to import all of your past items into SixBit.  You can even import photos. Seller Hub can't do that!

So Much More

SixBit does everything Turbo Lister does, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.  Check out our Features pages to learn its full potential.

Save Listings Forever

All listings are stored in a SQL Server database right on your computer, giving you total control of what you do with your data and how long you keep it.

You Can Count on Us

We're an eBay Certified Provider and have been writing seller tools for almost 20 years.  Thousands of sellers trust us with their business and you can too.

We've Written a Complete Migration Guide Just for You

We know it may be daunting to switch tools, so we're here to help.  We've collected all the information you need to know into our Turbo Lister to SixBit Migration Guide.

Special Offer for Turbo Lister Users

To help ease the burden, we're making a special offer to Turbo Lister users.  Order now and in addition to your first 30 days free, you will receive 30% off your subscription every month until July of 2017.

After installing SixBit, go to the Support tab and enter Coupon Code "TLOFFER" or email support@sixbitsoftware.com after ordering to receive the discount.

Order Now

John Miller

I made the switch to SixBit from Turbo Lister a month ago and I could not be happier.  I have almost 12,000 items on eBay at any given time and routinely add several hundred new items a week.  In my opinion, its much quicker to get items ready for listing.

John Miller

JCM Postcards and Collectibles

Bobby Sullivan

For all you users out there that are still using Turbo Lister, get off of it ASAP and get on the Six Bit Train!!! The ease of .CSV importing, item listing, SQL Server use, et. al. is beyond belief.  

Support team is very knowledgeable and willing to help!  5 STAR tool waiting for you to use....  Great Job SB Team!


Bobby Sullivan

Bubba Sully's Pocket Change

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I still work offline?

    Yes, SixBit is a desktop application like Turbo Lister so you can still create your listings offline.

  • How long can I save my listings?

    Your listings are saved on your computer in a SQL Server database, so basically you can save them as long as you want and can easily create a new listing from your old items at any time in the future.

  • Do I have to pay more for multiple userids?

    No.  The Home and Hobby Edition ($19.99/month) allows for 2 eBay userids, the Small Business ($34.99/month) will allow up to 5 userids and the Enterprise Edition ($69.99/month) allows for an unlimited number of userids. 

  • Will I lose my existing listings in Turbo Lister?

    No.  SixBit is one of the few tools that has a direct import from Turbo Lister CSV format files.  You can bring in all of your TL listings including the pictures.  Not even Seller Hub can do that.

  • Can I store my listings in folders?

    Yes.  Just like Turbo Lister, you can create folders and subfolders to organize your items.  You can also keep track of your listings by workflow (i.e. Under Construction, Awaiting Upload, Previously Listed, etc.).  And finally, you can create your own saved views (i.e. "All listings with 1985 in the title").

  • Do I have to switch over all at once?

    No. You can run SixBit and Turbo Lister simultaneously.  Any new listings created in Turbo Lister will appear in SixBit.  You can slowly start looking at your listings in SixBit and begin processing orders while still listing in Turbo Lister.  Over time, you can move more of your processes to SixBit and wean yourself off Turbo Lister at the pace that is comfortable for you.

  • How much is it?

    We have different levels depending upon your needs.  Each level comes with the first 30 days free, and 30 days of Gold Level Support to get you started.

    NOTICE: During the Turbo Lister migration, we are offering a 30% discount off your monthly subscription until March 2017. 

    The Home and Hobby Edition is $19.99/month and has everything that Turbo Lister has, plus some order processing capabilities and a lot of other listing features.  You can use up to 2 eBay userids on the Home and Hobby Edition.

    The Small Business Edition is $34.99/month and also includes a full suite of order processing features, support for employees, and support for more userids (up to 5).

    The Enterprise Edition is $69.99/month and adds analysis tools, reporting, automatic site allocations and unlimited userids.

    See our Pricing page for a complete comparison of all the features in each version.