Importing from Turbo Lister

Turbo Lister allows users to export files in their own proprietary CSV format.  Those files can be imported into SixBit easily.


To import items from Turbo Lister:

  1. SixBit imports CSV(Comma Separated Values) -also known as flat files are a common way to exchange simple data between databases and applications. A CSV File contains columns and rows like a spreadsheet, but the column boundaries are defined by commas between the field values. files from Turbo Lister.  Before importing, a CSV file must first be exported from Turbo Lister.
    1. In Turbo Lister, go to the Inventory mode, select all items with Ctrl+A and click File  >Export Selected Items
    2. In the Export Selected Items window, choose Turbo Lister Format (CSV) and click Export.
  2. From the Sell Items mode, choose Import|Import from Turbo Lister from the ribbon bar.

  3. From the Open File window that appears, select the CSV file that was created from Turbo Lister.  
  4. Click OK and the import will begin.  The status window will report how many items have imported, failed to import or where skipped.  The status message may be expanded to see more detail or  find the details in the Event log.