SixBit 2.0 is Now Available!

New and existing users can now take advantage of the advancements in SixBit 2.0, including:

  • Improved inventory management with faster entry, batch editing and more import options
  • Inline grid editing of items, inventory, orders, shipments, sales, suppliers and buyers
  • Improved picture editor with text drawing, annotations, and corner rounding
  • Custom fields that can be included in grids, reports, packing lists, description wrappers and email templates.
  • Additional picture storage options to reduce database size
  • Batch editing of orders, shipments and sales to quickly update multiple shipment services or tracking numbers.
  • CSV and XML import/export of orders, shipment, sales, suppliers, buyers and compatibility sets
  • Introduction of the SixBit API with Drop Folder processing to more tightly integrate SixBit with existing processes.
  • ...and much more. Click here for the complete release notes.

SixBit Software’s eCommerce Solution
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Our intuitive, flexible software is the best tool available with unparalled support. It grows with you as you build your ecommerce business on eBay and beyond.

SixBit Software was introduced in Feb. 2009, but our roots go far deeper than that. You may know us as the team that created AuctionAssistant (1997), Seller’s Assistant (2001) and Blackthorne (2005).

For years, we have been developing desktop auction management software for
eBay sellers and we're now happy to offer you our biggest and best eCommerce
tool to date.


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Try it
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