Make SixBit your own program by customizing everything from fields to report layouts.

Don’t worry, SixBit comes with a few layouts to get you started.

Custom Fields

Create custom fields specific to your business. Custom fields can be viewed in the grids, or included in description wrappers, descriptions, emails, pick lists and packing lists.

Customizable Data Entry

Don’t be tied to a data entry screen that someone else designed. With SixBit, you can hide fields you don’t use, change the order you input your data, and even choose how much space to give each field. Take advantage of that huge display or tailor the input to work on your laptop.

Customizable Reports

Using our builtin report editor you can customize packing lists and consignor payout reports to reflect your business and style.

Custom Workflow

Create your own workflow statuses to manage custom order fulfillment processes like engraving, monogramming or painting.

Customizable Grids

All changes to grids, including resizing, hiding/showing, sorting and grouping will be saved. Saved grid layouts make it easy to switch between different views of data depending on the context.

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