Create & Submit Listings

We know the value of a fast, efficient listing tool. In fact, we are where we are today because of it. In 1997 we wrote AuctionAssistant, the very first listing tool for eBay users.

We made our mark because people needed a faster way to get items on eBay, and we earned our reputation making that happen.

Customizable Data Entry

Don’t be tied to a data entry screen that someone else designed. With SixBit, you can hide fields you don’t use, change the order you input your data, and even choose how much space to give each field. Take advantage of that huge display or tailor the input to work on your laptop.

Item Research Tool

With the click of a single button, check the current price of your item on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Walmart, Rakuten or any other site you choose.

Built in Picture Editing and Processing

Resize, compress, automatically rotate and watermark images just by dropping them into SixBit, or open our built-in editor to perform common actions like cropping or making annotations.

Saved Templates

Save and name any item as a template so it can be used later, or choose any existing item and make one or more duplicates as a starting point.

Description Wrappers

Eliminate entering the same data over and over by stripping out common text and placing it in a Description Wrapper. Wrappers can contain variables for any item field, item specific or custom field so listings can be built dynamically.

Bulk Edit & Batch Change

Bulk editing lets you edit in an Excel style grid. Entire columns of data can be selected and changed at once.
Batch changes allow for selecting items and specifying the field and value it can be changed to. You can even assign values from other fields or use math on numeric fields to change prices by a constant amount or a percentage.

Free Scheduled Listings

Simply tell SixBit the time you want your items listed and avoid marketplace scheduling fees.

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