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  1. Noel Vance
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  3. Friday, 06 October 2017
I'm looking to try and remove a single line of HTML from the eBay description on unlisted items in Sell items.

We don't (yet) use description wrappers and I've tried selecting all the items, then Edit/Batch Change then Description/Replace and putting the line of code in there and replacing with nothing but it doesn't appear to work.

Does the Edit/BatchChange feature recognise HTML code only, or does it have to be text ?

I'm sure I used this method to remove the Photobucket HTML which have now all gone.

Doing this below does not work
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Jim Sinnerud Accepted Answer
You can export all your "item descriptions" with the "item ID's" in a .CSV file.

You can then open the file in a spreadsheet program like Excel or OpenOffice Calc then search & replace the line that you want to remove with nothing.

Then import it back into SixBit with "update records" checked.

You should back up your database before you start just in case there are any issues but I think this should work for what you are trying to do.
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BAM Accepted Answer
...looking to try and remove a single line of HTML from the eBay description
...We don't (yet) use description wrappers

The exact situation to start using wrappers.

Instead of removing a 'single line of HTML', you really want to remove all 'standard info' from individual descriptions.
Place into perhaps only one basic wrapper. Assign to your items.

As necessary study wrapper creation and, with trial and error, you should be able to create exactly what you like.
In the future then you just have to edit the wrapper for changes/additions of 'standard info'.
Descriptions then needing only details of the specific item.

Wrapper use is inevitable.
In the 'olden days' of Blackthorne (called Auction Assistant in the last century) these were called 'Ad Templates'.
The initial function that made record creation/editing, simple and effective as eBay users started listing 100's/1000s.
What allowed that program and its progeny (ie SixBit) to become so successful.
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