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  1. Don Schonberg
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  3. Wednesday, 27 December 2017
I have the Small Business version of SixBit. I’m trying to create an export file for selected sale items, so I can see the total dollar amount of sales for these selected items. I created a custom search using “supplier id” and status equal to “fulfilled. I get the selected items that I want but I run into a problem with the orders where I have combined the sale items into one order. The final search grid shows these combined orders as a single line entry. So if someone purchased 5 items I get one entry with item count equal to 5, not 5 entries on the grid.

I can’t believe how poor this software is when it comes to simple reporting. I took the time to created several "Item" custom fields such as “purchase order number” and can’t use these custom fields in the “Ship Orders” window. I had to get a little creative in this case and use “Supplier ID” and not my custom fields. If I go to the "Sell Items" window and do a search, I find no relationship between "items" and "sales". Why isn't there a item status like "sold"?

Am I overlooking something? Please advise. Thanks.
Don Schonberg Accepted Answer
Just a quick update to my original post. I did find a workaround and was able to export selected transactions with their individual selling price using the "Supplier ID" field. It also gave me the selling expense for each transaction but these values don't seem to be correct. I need to dig into this matter. I wish I could use "Purchase Order No.", one of my custom fields but I will have to do with what I got. Happy New Year!
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