Now With eBay Promoted Listings Support
Campaign Management
Create, schedule, edit, and delete promoted listings campaigns all within SixBit.
By Rule or By Listing
Create campaigns using rules like promoting categories, or promote a mixed bag of listings.
Bid Recommendations
Having trouble deciding which bid percent will get you the most click? With eBay recommendations, you never have to guess.
Smooth Integration
The new promoted listings support has been carefully integrated into the SixBit workflow so that promoting your listings can be as simple and easy as possible.
Sell More
Catalog Items
Save time typing in data by downloading existing marketplace data about your items.
Optimize Photos
We know buyers love good pictures. That’s why we offer photo editing tools to help put your best foot forward.
Supply & Demand
SixBit can keep your supply chain organized, and leverage available stock to keep buyers interested.
Hot Off The Presses
Schedule your listings to hit marketplaces at key intervals to promote visibility and ultimately sales growth.
Work Less
Generate Templates
Save time on data entry by reusing common data. From item descriptions to entire stock items, any amount of data can be saved for repetitive use.
Modify In Batches
No need to modify items, listings, or orders one at a time. Keeping up with the seller updates has never been so easy.
Configure Automation
SixBit can work while you are away. With scheduling, allocation plans, and automated emails, you can finally take that vacation you’ve been talking about.
Customized Workflow
You know your business better than we do. Most of the systems in SixBit can be molded to your needs.
Stimulate Growth
Analyze Performance
Compile profit & loss reports to easily see how your investments are performing. Shave costs and give that hot item a little more love.
Multi-Channel Selling
Expand into multiple marketplaces to increase exposure. We’ll take care of monitoring inventory levels for you.
Integrate With Our API
Have an in-house solution already? Integrate it with our API and take your existing inventory solution to eBay, Etsy, and Shopify.
Administer Users
With all this growth you could afford to hire more listers. SixBit has an extensive administration suite for allowing core features, hiding sensitive business data, and more.
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