For the past 7 years, ShipRush and SixBit have been integrated to provide our users a solution for shipping with FedEx.  During this time, the cost of the ShipRush software was subsized by a sponsorship from FedEx and subsequently was free for SixBit users.  Unfortunately this sponsorship from FedEx has expired and ShipRush must now charge for the use of its ShipRush Order Manager software.

ShipRush for FedEx users will have two options.  First, they can contact their FedEx sales rep to see if they may eligible for a FedEx Tech Award that would cover the license cost.  Tech Awards can be used to pay for 1 or multiple years of ShipRush license.  If not, then customers can pay for their license out of pocket. To use ShipRush FedEx with SixBit, you'll need a ShipRush SDK visual run time license whch costs $290 per year.

Once you have a new key, you will need to enter it into the Manage Postage window in SixBit.  This requires full version 3.00.006 (or later) or beta version 3.00.041 (or later).  Please contact support if you need access to one of these versions.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.  For more information, please contact ShipRush ( or view their licenses page at .

Thank you,

John Slocum

Thursday, September 8, 2016

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