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**NEW** USPS Ground Advantage Shipping Service Update

  • 11th July 2023
Version 4.00.536 is release today to show the Ground Advantage service. The current version does support Ground Advantage by selecting the Parcel Select service. eBay changed the Display name from Parcel Select to Ground Advantage, but the service ID we send is the same. So if you list with that, it should be showing on-site as Ground ...
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Urgent Reminder: Update Billing Information

  • 26th May 2023
To All Sellers, Just a reminder to all sellers who haven't already updated their Billing/CC info in the Client area. If you have issues logging in to the Client Area, email and our support team will assist you. Over the weekend of 5/13/23 we upgraded our website and Billing Systems. As part of the upgrade, all ...
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5/13/2023 - Scheduled Maintenance on SixBit Web Site and Client Area

  • 24th April 2023
The SixBit API and Web Server are currently in the process of upgrades so there will be outages over the course of the weekend. We are working on getting the registration message on SixBit startup fixed at this time.    Client accounts, the knowledgebase, User's Guide, and the support ticketing system will be inaccessible during this period. ...
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Attention Etsy Sellers - New Version Required

  • 7th April 2023
A new version of SixBit is required to support the latest API update with Etsy. Version 4.00.507, which is currently in Beta, will be required. Once installed, make sure you Authorize any Business Profiles in SixBit that are linked to Etsy accounts. To run the beta version, you simply need to set a flag in SixBit.  Then you will be notified of ...
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