Promoted LIstings Beta

We’re looking for anyone interested in testing and providing feedback for the new eBay Promoted Listings integration. This should be out soon in beta, and if you’re interested, open a support ticket with us and include “Promoted Listings Beta” in the title. We’ll send you the link to documentation and provide remote support to get you ... Read More »

4th May 2021
Required SixBit Upgrade by 3/31/2021

Due to recent eBay API changes, Sellers will now need to be running an minimum SixBit version of 4.00.176. Versions prior to this will not be able to retrieve the necessary category data to list on eBay after 3/31/2021. We encourage all sellers to upgrade their versions to the currently released version (4.00.204 or later) to keep the program ... Read More »

25th Mar 2021