9/15/17 This issue should now be fixed. Setting the Refresh Listings date back in File|Options|Refreshes for EACH eBay seller account and performing a Full Refresh should end all Listings that should have ended automatically. Our first reported date of this issue was 8/25/2017, so that would be the farthest back you would need to set the date. If you've already used the Selected Refresh workaround to move Listings from Running to Ended, and all of your Orders are present in Sixbit, you won't need to Refresh again. The Agent will keep them up to date going forward.

9/14/17 - We have escalated this issue to the highest reportable level with the eBay API team.  They assure us that "Our engineering team is currently looking into it and treating this as a top priority."  We are hopeful for a fix soon, but do not currently have any ETA.


Currently there is an issue with some listings not ending in SixBit after the automatic refresh.  This affects listings that did not end in a sale, and it can occur in any version of SixBit. Fortunately, it does not affect listings that end with a sale.  All orders are still getting properly created.

We've narrowed it down to a partial refresh set being returned from the eBay API.  We have informed eBay and they have acknowledged that they are working on the issue. 
When we're updated on a a fix date, we'll let you know. 

The workaround currently is to select your listings in Check Listings, and right click to do a manual "Refresh". To help find those that should have ended, create a view in Check Listings to show Listings with a Status of Running and an End Date before "Today". After you have the view you can Ctrl-A to select them all to Refresh.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

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