Sep 20th UPDATE 9/20/17 2:45PM EST - Token Errors with the Latest Full Release

UPDATE - The issue below is resolved by downloading hotfix 3.00.242.In our latest release, we have converted to eBay's newer token authorization scheme.  This has worked fine during the beta, but now that more people are using it, it seems to be triggering some errors at eBay.  We believe it is stretching the bounds of their servers.  The ... Read More »

Sep 5th UPDATE 9/15/17 - Some Listings Not Ending After Refresh

9/15/17 This issue should now be fixed. Setting the Refresh Listings date back in File|Options|Refreshes for EACH eBay seller account and performing a Full Refresh should end all Listings that should have ended automatically. Our first reported date of this issue was 8/25/2017, so that would be the farthest back you would need to set the date. ... Read More »