Update: eBay is aware of the issue and working on resolving it soon. No action will be required.

Due to a new development with eBay that we are currently investigating, current and new listings are not showing their Descriptions on eBay.

The issue appears to be blocking parts of the description enclosed in the Mobile Description identifiers. By default, we enclose you entire description in these tags when submitting to eBay. This feature has been working correctly for a few years, but is now being handled differently on the eBay site. We're working with them to resolve this issue without any changes being necessary, if possible.

As a workaround, in SixBit, click File > Options > Submitting Listings and uncheck the option to “Set the contents of the Description field as the default mobile description.”

New listings should go up with the correct HTML. Existing affected listings should be fixed by highlighting them in the Check Listings > Running mode and right-click Send Revisions to Site.

We'll update this as we get more information.



Friday, November 8, 2019

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