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  1. Todd Patterson
  2. Feature Requests
  3. Thursday, 08 November 2018
When initiating a return from the fulfilled orders screen it would be "nice" if this could be slightly altered. For example having the option to initiate a return without having it be "processed" until the return has actually arrived back at our warehouse. That way a return can actually be tracked from our end using a status type system, for example:

1. Return Requested
2. Return Pending
3. Return Received
4. Return Closed

Something along those lines. I know that there are a lot of other feature requests and many different areas being continually enhanced however this is just one of those things that would be "nice to have."
MOE Accepted Answer
I agree on having a Main category for returns,

The way I get around this, is to create subcategories under fulfilled, for each step you desire to have, and move the orders from one sub to another...
But what sucks is that you need to go to eBay and follow up for each order and see the updates, which gets overwhelming sometimes.
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Todd Patterson Accepted Answer
Exactly, especially with the holidays around the corner, it can get to be a bit hectic going back and forth with each order on eBay.
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