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  1. Colleen Upton
  2. User to User
  3. Sunday, 31 December 2017
Good Morning,

Since I was forced to update my Windows 10 on Dec 24, I can no longer use SixBit. It's telling me the SQL server is unavailable. I used to be able to go into the task manager and end the process and restart it, but now when I end the SQL (which is actually running), I don't have the option to reboot. It just disappears from the list and I'm not tech savvy enough to find it in the menus.

Furthermore, it gives me the option when I try to run Sixbit to connect via SQL mode or Windows Mode. The Windows mode is the mode I have always used and it worked fine until the update. I tried the SQL mode with the fault user and password (given in the program) but it doesn't work.

I used to be able to have SixBit open when it was not connected to the server, but now it won't even allow me to see my listings, work on them, or do back ups at all. After telling me the SQL server is unavailable it forces me to quit the program. Rebooting the computer did nothing to fix this.

Help please!!

Thank you, C.
MOE Accepted Answer
If everything installed by SixBit installation,
Choose SQL mode
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