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  1. Bao Vu
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  3. Tuesday, 14 August 2018
How do you add images to the Inventory Report Printouts?

Every time I try to get a report of my inventory. It gives me a title and some info but no thumbnails of the product images. We tried to find the option to change the layout of the Inventory report print outs but there doesn't seem to be an option to change Inventory reports specifically, Only "inventory labels" but no "Inventory report".

Attached is a picture. To the left is what I'm getting right now with inventory reports. To the right is a Preview print of a Shipping Pick List. Basically we are trying to get the one on left to look like the one on the right. It seems like it should be easy. Yet we can't seem to find the solution to this. Does any one know how to add thumbnails to inventory reports? Much appreciated thank you.
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John Manning Accepted Answer
We'll have to do that on our end. I've added it to the feature request list so it should make it in an upcoming beta release. John Manning - Senior Developer
  1. more than a month ago
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david russo Accepted Answer
Hi. we are also looking for this. Thanks
  1. one week ago
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