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  1. Dale
  2. User to User
  3. Thursday, 06 December 2018

Hope I can explain this so people can understand, here goes.

I sell second hand items, DVD's and CD's mainly. I sort them into groups good condition, very good condition ect. I then scan them as a bulk lot, sometimes 300 or 400 at a time. I use the add from a catalogue feature. It then populates them all and I just research price and all is ready to be uploaded and sold.

My question is with ebays duplicate listing policy I worry about getting pinged for duplicates. Is there a way to have sixbit detect if a item is already listed without having to do a manual search on each item? Something where or some way sixbit will pick up if I scan an item and an item in same condition, same UPC number and same title?

Cheers for any help

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