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  1. Art Gurda
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  3. Thursday, 26 July 2018
Pretty obvious, integration with Walmart seller so we can list our eBay items on Walmart as well. Their web interface is definitely lacking and we'd prefer not to switch software to accommodate the other marketplace.
Art Gurda Accepted Answer
Very much so, THIS. At least some acknowledgement on if this is currently in the works or if we are looking at more than a year out or something.
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Todd Patterson Accepted Answer
Guys try to understand that each sales channel that is added by SixBit takes time to implement. It is not simply a matter of pushing the products to the selected channel. There is the back end constant communication updates. There is the integration that SixBit has to make taking into account each individual sales channel's operating systems and software. Each site utilizes its' own coding and database structures so the SixBit development team has to look at not only taking our data from our own databases and plugging it in, but plugging it in correctly.

Even once that is accomplished, every single time that there is a change made in the sales channels' structure then SixBit now also has to work around to correct it on their end.

We were fortunate enough to be involved with the very early stages of the Amazon integrations. Let me tell you, there were a LOT of errors that occurred daily, each one of them requiring time from the developers to:
A. Find out what caused the issue
B. Find a work around for the issue
C. Update the SixBit code version itself.
D. Push the updated versions to the beta testers
E. Start right back at "A" with the next issue because each time you find and fix 1 problem, 3 more pop up.

In fact even once the development is "complete" and moves from a beta stage to a production stage where it is available to the general public that is not the end of the problem. The various sales channels are constantly doing updates and tweaking things around. Most of the time this is a problem that the developers of SixBit have to scramble again to try and catch. We all saw a perfect example of this a few weeks ago in regards to the eBay Authorization Token issue.

So in closing I am just suggesting a little bit of patience for the SixBit development team. I know that there are SEVERAL sales channels that have been requested. I also know that they are constantly working to expand the ones supported by SixBit. But you must also realize that just because you may want a particular site, it may or may not happen. Not everyone wants WalMart, Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, etc. So they look at what the largest number of users want and go from there.

Ourselves, I could care less for WalMart integration. HOWEVER that does not mean that I do not think it is a possibility for SixBit to look into. I also do not care for Shopify but then, again, I am only a single voice. Personally, I would love to see shopping cart integration (xCart, Zen Cart, OSCommerce, etc.) but again, I am but a single voice.

Ok, enough griping from my end. LOL! I hope that you, your families and your acquaintances have a truly blessed Thanksgiving!
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